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Book Review: The Guardian angels by Rohit Gore

Guardian angels is a gripping novel that I finished reading recently. Written by Rohit Gore, the 330 page fiction keeps readers engaged from beginning to end. It is written in a rather unique style- one chapter narrates happenings in Adi’s life (the lead character) in 3rd person while the other chapter is written in first person, from Radha's perspective- her diary writings that is. Another beauty of the book lies in the way it illustrates the love & care among the lead pair among each other, without using any of the typical concepts used in other novels and movies (such as going to movies, dinner etc)

Though Adi is son of a billionaire, he doesn't have any traits of a BBBB (Bade Baap ki Bigde hue Beta). During his school days while few rowdy kids were bullying him, he gets saved by a girl Radha, who's new to city and is daughter of a bank employee. Radha has all characteristics of socialism, inherited from her father and strives to do something good for the society, though she could have taken advantage of her rich friend for personal gains. Radha writes diary at regular intervals and readers get to know her part of the story in first person.

Observe the book cover on left carefully and you'll see the face of Adi as well as back of Radha, in an well crafted illustration.

From their first encounter through next 2 decades, book takes through the life and times of Adi and Radha, never boring the reader even once. As they go through various phases of life and try to give their relationship a name and designation, diverse point of views and carrier paths and other barriers keep so close, yet so far. Adi takes typical path of higher education and subsequently taking control of his father's business empire, while Radha jumps into social causes, working for an NGO and taking up the causes of poor people. 

While a typical end would have been to say 'They get married and lived happily ever after', truth is otherwise. Radha suffers from a unique disease of memory loss, inherited from her father, she forcefully sacrifices her love for Adi and ensures Adi marries another lady who loves him. Do read the book to know the detailed story, which I must admit addictive. For a sale price of about 100 Rs, it is a killer deal.

Interesting learning from the fiction are:
  • The other faces of social activists
  • How super rich kids miss quality family time
  • Respecting each other in a relationship and maintaining it intact despite cultural, geographical and financial barriers
Author Rohit Gore is an IT professional and his being able to take time off and write couple of books should inspire others in the profession to take some time off the laptops and try other things they're passionate about.

  • Title: The Guardian Angels
  • Author: Rohit Gore
  • Publishers: Grapevine
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 330
  • MRP:  Rs 125 (Rs 90 on flipkart as of now, Rs 94 on Amazon)


  1. Its been a while since i got hold of a book by an Indian author. Nice review because i feel like getting my hands on the book!

  2. The review had the right amount of suspense and yes a mention of the price has surely made me make up mind to get this one and read it. Nice review :D

  3. Yes, it is cheaper.. Sure you'll enjoy it


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