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In this post I am writing about, an online e-commerce site, which many of us might not be aware of in India, as it is not as popular as its Indian counter parts.

Tmart's USP is free shipping worldwide, 90 days money back guarantee and 6 months free repair warranty. Additional gain is the loyalty points, 1 point for every $ spent.  Points are also given for product reviews and posting product videos. (Most of the Indian e-commerce companies do not have this points scheme).

I did compare the price of a pen drive+ torch at with that of few Indian shopping giants and realized that tmart prices are slightly cheaper. It has got 16 GB space and two lights- a red beam for use during projecting/presentation and a white one for illumination. Got my product within days, through USPS. (Thankfully US Postal Service is deemed essential service and continues operation despite shut down)

Many other electronic items, lifestyle accessories are available at tempting prices. With their worldwide shipping, it is an ideal place to buy stuff, for gifting or for self. (Free gift wrappers for orders about USD 18)

Bill Me Later
In association with Paypal, tmart customers can avail 'Bill me later' scheme, in which one can pay in interest free installments using Paypal for purchases about 99$, over 6 months. This is like interest free EMI scheme offered by banks in India, which was recently banned  by RBI.

Daily Deals
Another interesting aspect is the ongoing deals. For example, if you can buy within next 3 days, Note 2 N7100 can be yours for 146$ (about 10k INR). Regular price of this product is about 3 times higher. But surprisingly, website or product image/video doesn't mention the brand name of Samsung. doesn't have books as a category yet. Even if I haven't created an account or logged in, website remembers my recent searches. Overall it is a well designed and easy website to browse and order.

You can find them also on facebook. Interestingly, tmart's facebook page is just 250 likes short of hitting 2 million. I am sure they'll be crossing this milestone in a matter of days.

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