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'Love is Vodka' by Amit Shankar

Love by Vodka is another interesting from book from the author of Chapter Eleven, reviewed recently.

Contrary to the corporate fiction in Chapter Eleven, Love is Vodka is the story of a high profile girl and her early life, how she tastes success and experiences one kind of boyfriend after another.

Written in first person narration of the girl, Moon Malik, book explores ups and downs of her life. The first few pages were not that exciting, as I was trying to understand the overall concept or context of the book. But once that's done (after reading first few chapters) I was set and reading rest of the chapters were quick and interesting.

'Love is Vodka' narrates Moon's experience with boy friends of different kinds- the typical one- Ash, the rich & famous but old Devil, Smart, Handsome but *ay Aditya, online friend Vikram and IIMA Graduate turned activist Gautam. Moon's life revolves around these people with once incident or the other playing spoilsport, whenever a relationship reaches near perfect stage.

Like the other book (Chapter Eleven) this book also has an incident of hacking.

Similar to 'Journey of Om', 'Love is Vodka' will be enjoyed by those who have interest in romance, break up and relationship related stories. While Journey of Om was from a male perspective, Love is Vodka will help understand the same from a female point of view.

  • Title: Love is Vodka
  • Author: Amit Shankar
  • Publishers: Vitasta
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 361
  • MRP:  Rs 195


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