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Innovative Mouse Traps from Upadhya brothers

Can you trap a rat with a pvc pipe and some simple physics? What are the ways to trap mice family without really having to poison them or kill them? In this post, I am explaining few of those possibilities, thanks to innovative low cost devices coming from the brains of Upadhya Brothers, Saligrama, Udupi, Karnataka.

Rat Trap 1:
This one adopts simple principle of gravity to trap a rodent. It contains a PVT pipe closed on one side and open on the other, placed on ground in an unbalanced way. Food items need to be placed near the close end of the pipe. A rodent that enters the pipe in temptation of food makes weight shift to the right end of the pipe and voila, pipe shifts to a vertical position, as shown in second image. Rodent will never be able to come out of the pipe and gets trapped inside.
Notice the provision for counter weights

Rat Trap 2
This trap uses a similar technique as above, but the trap is executed by an hardened ball. Once the mouse moves to the longer section of the pipe, due to gravity the pipe tilts and the ball, waiting on the left, moves to right, trapping the rodent. Rats always try to squeeze through the tiny gap between the ball and pipe circumference and get trapped inside and they never think of pushing the ball out.

Rat Trap 3: 
Another model below uses a simple interlock mechanism to tempt the rodent go inside by pushing the flip wall.
Trap 4: This one looks like traditional mouse trap found in villages, but has a few enhancements.
Below is the traditional mouse trap available in the market, which almost kills the animal. If you're careless, it can also injure your hand by snapping on it.
I was told these traps have been successfully tested in the household and neighborhood.

Mr Upadhya has many such innovations under his belt. The tender coconut opener, which I had written about earlier, is one of them. I'll soon be writing separately about another device- portable coconut grater/  Mr Upadhya is looking for people who can take his ideas to mass production. If you've a manufacturing facility and interested in bulk production of innovative house hold products, do contact Mr Upadhya on +91 9739524260


  1. Nice to see this article. I'm surprised that the first type of trap actually works, because the mouse would have to climb up a slippery pipe surface. Our problem is with a much larger rat. It is called a bandicoot. The pipe is not big enough to catch this one and the poisons dont seem to work. The last variety of traps are appropriate for killing this large rat but it is hard to find the metal traps. Could you help with where the last variety of metal traps could be obtained in Bangalore..

  2. @Nav

    because the inclination is not steep, I guess it is possible for ratsto climb up

    Unfortunately I am not tracking latest developments and availability of devices related to this, so I am unable to help much at this point


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