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Journey of Om by Chandru Bhojwani-Book Review

I’d received this book few years ago and only recently I managed to finish reading it. Here’s a quick review of this fictions book, titled “The journey of OM” written by Chandru Bhojwani
If you’re going through ‘break ups’ or emotional stress arising from relationships, this book, though fiction, can help you out.

Om is a columnist based in NY, who is undergoing the trauma of breakup and all that, after finding the lady whom he loved and in relationship cheating on him. Om tries to come out of the thoughts but repeatedly fails. Some of his experiences and ideas he uses for his column, sharing it with magazine’s readers.  

In essence, OM suggests following steps post breakup, to recover and recoil:
Step1: Acceptance (Tell your mind repeatedly that it is over and nothing can be done about it)
Step 2: Emotional Spring Clean (Get rid of things that can remind you of your ex- such as gifts)
Step 3: The calculation (Author suggests 4-6  months should be ideal time frame to get over a breakup and start new life)
Step 4: Occupied (keep yourself busy)
Step 5: Communication lockdown (Eliminate all possibilities of communicating with ex or meeting them)
Step 6: The ‘Bonus’ – I didn’t understand this point clearly, but author seem to suggest that getting involved in things like one night stand out of anger will NOT help in recovery process

In parallel, life events of Om’s friend Arun, ‘cousin’ Mona unfold. In her mid thirties Mona is yet to get settled and in her attempt to do so, gets into an internet introduced relationship and eventually gets cheated. While Arun’s is another typical story of not earning enough to please would-be father in law. Most of the story takes place in New York.

In the end, Om’s old love Preeti comes back into his life all of a sudden and apologizes, when Om had managed to find another. Which one did he opt for is not spelt out in the book.

If you enjoy books on love and romance and relationship, you’ll enjoy this book. 

Title: The journey of Om
Author: Chandru Bhojwani
Type: Fiction
Publisher: Cedar Books (A pustak Mahal imprint)
Pages: 287
MRP: Rs 175

Isbn 978-81-223-1091-7
The book is available for download as ebook from Amazon for Rs 131

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