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Achakanye Waterfalls near Thirthahalli

Visited Achakanye waterfall recently, under guidance of a colleague. Was first time for me visiting this small falls. It is also referred to as Achchakanne or Achchakanye falls

The Achakanye falls area has multiple portions and opportunities-

1. Flat river- where the river flows in a subtle way, good for just to dip our legs or let kids play

2. Pool- before water falls down the rock, there is a small pool ideal for some short dip or micro swim.

3. Falls- Large pool after the falls, ideal for family, but expect someone else would have occupied it before your arrival on weekends. You will have to wait or join them.

4. Trekking- if keen there are some walking trails- try exploring the woods a bit while others are dipped in water.

Achakanye is worth visiting because of following reason

- Had decent water even in January

- Minimum walk required (about 200 meters from parking area

- No access control, timing or restrictions (not yet, once Govt gets hold of it they may come in)

- Easy for swim, bath, reasonably safe

Additional details:
  • How to reach: Achakanye falls is about 22 kms from Thirthahalli in Shivamogga district. Arrive at Thirthahalli. Alternate routes are via Sagara, Nagara etc. Check on maps.
  • No changing rooms or any facilities available. Nature is your best friend.
  • Road conditions are Ok, mud road for last few kms. An Hyundai Eon loaded with 5 people was struggling for traction- come in a reasonably powerful vehicle.
  • The place is already littered to the core. So don't expect much of a cleanliness from our irresponsible tourists,

Nearby: Kavaledurga, * Nagara fort * Kundadri hills

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