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Hidden gems of Mulki: Unknown places to visit

Mulki is a town between Udupi and Mangaluru. Mulki doesn't appear prominently on Karnataka's tourist map though lots of tourists visit Mangaluru and Udupi. Nearby destinations like Malpe, Kapu etc are popular but not many plan a stay in Mulki or keep some time to explore places of interest in Mulki.

Before my bike accident, one day in August 2020 I had a day trip to Mulki. I met Umesh Derebail who blogs at indiabackpacker.blogspot.com. Umesh was kind enough to take me around to various places of interest in and around Mulki. In this post, I am sharing details of places we visited and basic details about them, so that next time you visit Udupi/Mangaluru you can plan a day or half to explore any of these places that interests you. I am half an year overdue publishing this post, but better late than never.

Mulki's places of interest

#1 Kayaking, Surfing & watersports

Mulki has multiple business houses that operate kayaking, surfing, boat ride and other watersports activities. We visited one center- Mantra- but there were no one in the campus, so we had to come back. (we had not done any booking, had just walked in- when called we got some quotation for kayaking, which was in thousands and much higher than what I had seen in Kemmannu near Kodi Bengre. These people are focused on group bookings from people visiting from cities, so rates are at premium. 

Another Kayaking place we went looking for was Kayakboy Mulki Kayaking, as shown on Google maps. But there was no such company and locals had no clue. I think the location is wrongly mapped in Google. Speak to the operator before visiting. Detailed post on surfing now available here

#2 Bappanadu Temple

Bappanadu is Mulki's main temple and most popular one. It is visible from highway and most buses, even express ones do give a stop here. Temple is accessible from the other side. Photography is not allowed inside, as decent architecture and is worth visiting.

Pay attention to this mini garden with a rishi and some animals.
#3 Sukhananda Shetty Park
Just about a km from Bappanadu temple is a small park named Sukhananda Shetty Park, with a kids play area and river flowing by the side. It was closed when I visited.

#4 Venkataramana Temple
Number 2 temple in Mulki after Bappanadu, Venkataramana temple is bit away from city centre. Has a nice temple, a Goshala, a museum kind of place.
#5 Bittu Da Dhabha
Nice food outlet right after toll booth. We had lunch here. Reasonably priced
#6 Sasihithlu Beach
Sasihithlu is a popular beach in Mulki- kind of access controlled and was closed to visitors. We saw some tourists being taken on a boat ride in the ocean. There is bus service till the beach though frequency is poor.
Sasihithlu main beach area is kind of ticketed- need to visit it sometime to check what exactly is there inside.

There was a popular local temple enroute to Saishithlu beach. We didn't stop there though. You will also find a few beachside resorts and hotels nearby if you are keen to stay overnight.

#7 Kotikere Basadi and Mahasthambha
Umesh has written in detail about this Basadi here, way back in 2013. It is a lesser known basadi, without proper road access till its entrance. Bit of walking and uphill climb is required from main road.
Basadi is maintained by an elderly couple who do the pooja and other rituals.
The pillar has become fragile but is still intact and powerful.

#8 Old Bungalow
We visited someone's private Bungalow- not a tourist place. Did not go inside, just took a look from outside and came back.

#9  Old Port Area by the river (Hostel road)
Near to the above Basadi is Mulki's former port area which was once a harbor and used to have ships and boats arriving from other places carrying cargo. This port area is now abandoned, only few old buildings remain. We had  a quick walk around. Few photos below. The area is known on Google maps as Hostel Road.
Old offices now covered with vegetation...

#10 Old Palace Replica (Savantha Arasu Aramane)

I think it was originally known as Savantha Arasu aramane. Now the old building is gone, a modern replica is created. Not a huge palace, just a large home, with good woodwork and some exhibits- visitors are free to enter and take a look, used by family members of the former kings.

#11 Another lesser known Jain Basadi

#12 Shambhavi riverside drive

Besides the known tourist spots, there are several other scenic spots in Mulki- mostly in and around River Shambhavi. Zoom in on the map, find a road that takes you closest to the river and drive around a bit. Particularly after monsoon, the view will be very scenic. I did some random driving around- don't have lots of pics.

Nearby Mulki

Reaching Mulki:

Mulki has lots of public transport. All buses plying between Mangaluru and Udupi have a stop at Mulki. You can hire a taxi from any nearby city, airport or railway station to reach Mulki. To visit these places of interest own vehicle or a taxi will be needed as public transportation within Mulki city to these places is limited.

Map reference below [Google link here]. Some places are not clearly listed on maps- you have to take local help and explore.


  1. My pleasure to guide & accompany and spend half a day! Well thanks for tender coconut treat!

  2. Great to read about Mulki, Beautiful place. Thanks for all pics.

  3. still more places in Mulki.
    1.freedom fighter karnad Sadashiv Rao's old house..
    2.Birth place of Ammembal subba rao pai( founder Canara Bank )
    3.Uma maheshwar temple
    4.Kote Viramaruti temple
    5.Harihara temple.
    6.Sadashiva temple.
    7.kudru(Island) in shambhavi river.
    8.Kavatharu Daivasthana..
    9.kalikamba temple
    10.Navagraha Vana & Nandanavana{not maintained properly).
    11.Chitrapu & kolche kambla River front.

    1. Thanks. Kudru we visited, will try other spots during next trip

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    Any one intrested please call or leave message.
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    Ready to walk in and stay
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    Thank you.

  5. thankyou so much for this blog its really helpful for my blog

  6. thankyou for this help it will help me for my assignment

  7. Thanks for this blog. I'm planning to visit Mulki for a workation. Can you please tell me a place to stay for a longer duration say 2-3 weeks. I tried finding hotels on Internet but couldn't find, I did find a resort though but it was like way too expensive and for this long stay I might have to sell my Kidney :p

    1. Decent Hotels will cost at least 1000-1300 per day. Try renting a house if it is 2-3 weeks-might be cheaper.
      Arrive, check hotels in town, stay for few days, look for cheaper options. Best wishes. Don't have any specific name to recommend


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