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Surfing at Mulki Mantra Surf Club

Recently I spent a Sunday morning viewing a group of enthusiasts learning surfing in Mulki. I had visited Mulki in 2020 but at that time Mantra Surfing center was closed. Recently a blogger friend had their kid enrolled for a surfing lesson and I could join them to experience how it goes.

Below are some basic info on surfing:

  • Surfing lesson costs about 2200 INR per person per day, which includes about 2 hours of surfing in the ocean, surf board rental and boat ride to the beach.
  • It is difficult to learn in one session, you may need two to five sessions to gain fair bit of experience and confidence. 
  • Knowing swimming and confidence to swim in ocean is pre-requisite
As I arrived at Mantra Surfing club, that day's students were preparing to board the boat. One batch had already left. I got into the boat and were taken across the river to the ocean.
Here students practiced on the sand first- how to swim forward while lying on the surfboard, how to get up and balance ourselves, how to handle the waves and so on. After a pit of practice, next action was to get into the water. It wasn't easy, fair bit of try was needed to get onboard, stand up and sustain for a while balancing on the waves. Everything needs practice and determination and so is surfing. After few hours most participants managed small movements of surfing.

So if you wish to try surfing, then here is how you could go about it.

1. Identify two to three back to back days you can spare half a day each- like a long weekend or weekday with half day leave etc.
2. Checking with surfing clubs like Mantra, book your slots
3. Plan your travel to Mulki (or any other coastal city where a surf club is operating)
4. Report at surf club at the designated time- carry changing cloths and other essentials. Better to have a friend or family member with you, to help with the board, take photos/videos and hold your stuff while you surf.
5. Day 01 will include some classroom sessions on the basics and practice on the group. Not very sure if you can hit the sea on day 01 itself
6. Day 02 and 03, you go to ocean (in a boat organized by Mantra in Mulki) and practice in ocean for 2-3 hours.
7. Mantra's instructors will guide you on how to float, get on the board and surf. What I noticed is instructors are not One to One. One instructor may be looking after a group of 4-5 surfers.
8. You will need lots of stamina to swim and surf in ocean for few hours. Don't expect to master it in one session. End of 3rd session you should be gaining fair bit of confidence and ability to surf properly for a while
9. Keep an eye on how rough the sea is, stay safe.
10. Once you gain the experience, you can just rent surfboard and practice, or you can try surfing in Bali, Maldives, Thailand or other places.
11. Mantra also have kayaking and other watersport activities. Check with them for the rates.
12. Mantra surf club has changing rooms, toilets and other basic facilities. They also seem to have a few rooms for rent if you wish to stay there. Else you will find more options in and around Mulki town.
Before covid surfing festival used to happen in Mulki/Mangalore. Not sure when they will resume. Will be good opportunity to witness hundreds of people surfing and if you are a surfer take part and be part of the festival.
I believe people who are too heavy (hard to life themselves onboard a surfboard) and those who are too small/too aged (not strong enough to swim in ocean) should stay away from surfing.

I have tried skyboarding, scuba diving, parasailing etc but not surfing. Need to check if I want to take a few sessions and try to learn this. Let us see how it goes.

Watch a short video below:

Other adventures nearby: Mangrove forest boat ride at Batapady, Mangalore

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