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Bharathkal Haladi-unique bridge for passing water over river!

Bridges are built for people and vehicles to cross a river. But I found a unique bridge near Haladi, about 40 kms from Udupi. This bridge, referred to as "Bharathkal Haladi" is built to let water pass over a river. That sounds strange but you can read this post further and watch the video to believe me.

Bharathkal Haladi is a unique bridge. Bridge like never before...A bridge constructed not for people or vehicles, but to let water from Varahi canal project pass across the Haladi river. Thus the bridge has a large passage for water to pass through, with Haladi river flowing across underneath. Bharathkal Haladi has a small walking path for maintenance crew.

Haladi river had crystal clear water a month later in November

Update: this kind of structures are referred to as Aqua ducts... (thanks to my facebook friends)

Varahi project supplies water to several agriculture fields in and around Haladi in Udupi district. These places had severe water scarcity in summer and are now more comfortable with their water needs. But the canal has concrete base and side walls, so no water seeps into earth. This is needed to reduce loss of water. But downside is surrounding people won't benefit. Unless you have access to canal water, Varahi canal water passing through won't replenish your well or help you in any way.

Please be advised- Bharathkal Haladi is not a designated tourist spot. There are no tourist facilities. You will not find mention of Bharathkal Haladi in any travel blogs or literature. Only some irrigation projects og Govt of Karnataka have a mention of this place. Exercise caution- factor winds, slippery surfaces and rains. No point going all the way just for this, but if you are passing through Haladi/Siddhapura or nearby areas, it is definitely worth a diversion to take a look at Bharathkal Haladi irrigation canal bridge over Haladi river

Tips to visit: When we reached Bharathkal Haladi daylight had not broken in yet. We took a diversion that seemed like a shortcut, reached under the bridge but in total darkness couldn't figure out our way. Hence took a detour and followed Google Maps, only to realize that we could have just parked below the bridge and walked up, instead of a detour. If you follow google maps, last 1 km is mud road, normal cars can go if you are confident of negotiating a few slippery patches. Else walk. Best is to go right under the bridge, park and walk up. (in the map below, take the red path)

Made 2 more visits in November. Few additional photos below
There is another bridge at lower level- not well connected with road but was probably built for construction/maintenance support.
Yellow flowers under massive aqua duct look nice.


  1. Very intersting find.... who would have thought of this wonderful engineering, though I am not sure if the river is there why we need a canal, may be this river is not flowing year round so water is carried from somewhere else ?

  2. As usual, excellent read and pics. I wish, Google to consider the idea of implementing Park and Walk suggestion with red line route in their maps.😉


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