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Sorry state of South India's only hot water spring: Bendre Theertha!

Hot water springs are major tourist attractions world over. People pay several dollar entry fees, spend some time in the pond and return with memories.

But a rare hot water spring in Karnatka, the only one of its kind in South India, near Putturu in Dakshnia Kannada district is completely abandoned and neglected. Bendre theertha is in a sorry state due to lack of maintenance.

Bendre Theertha (also referred to as Bendru Theertha or just Bendr Theertha- unable to confirm which one is correct, I am going by most popularly used name.) is a natural hot water spring. Bendre Theertha is located at about 17 kms from Puttur, 70 kms from Mangaluru. Bendre Theertha is a small pond which has naturally emerging warn water. Bendre theerha is located next to Shirya river is a nice spot. 
But sheer negligence by Govt resulting in lack of maintenance and care has spoiled the beauty of this potentially revenue generating tourist and religious spot.
We visited there last weekend, there was a little water in the pond and it was warm. We met a local and got following updates
1. Earlier the Bendre Theertha pond used to have water throughout the year. Now a few locals have dug borewell nearby and hence Bendre Theertha goes dry in summer.

2. Earlier a caretaker was appointed- he would clean the pond. Now he has either retired/fired or left and there's no replacement. No one to take care of the place.
3. A changing room, a toilet building that were constructed long back are in pathetic state now.
4. A building was constructed nearby for staff and other purposes related to Bendre theertha but this building is also abandoned.
5. Hardly anyone visits Bendre theertha, due to lack of information, lack of basic facilities and its gradual loss of significance as a hot water spring and religious spot. Once a year when annual festival takes place, Bendre Theertha gets some attention. (September first week, Theertha Amavasye time)
religious spot

The water was crystal clear though lots of leaves were floating on the surface. We could see a few rocks underneath.
A Kannada display reads "Bendre theertha hot water sprint is south India's only hot water spring. It is capable of releasing 1350 to 1400 liters of hot water per hour, temperature 100 degree Fahrenheit. The water has aroma of Graphite and taking a bath here is said to cure several skin ailments"

Should you visit Bendre Theertha?
Your call. It is not exceptionally attractive that you should plan a trip all the way. Roads are fine except last 1 km. If you are visiting or passing through Puttur and have a few hours to spare, it might be worth diverting towards Bendre theertha, spend some time.  Google maps location is fairly accurate. You can follow the same.
What could Govt do to improve situation at Bendre Theertha?
  • Hire at least one caretaker to keep the place clean and visit worthy
  • Restore changing rooms & toilets so that they can be used.
  • Add some signboards on the highway so that interested tourists can divert to explore Bendre Theertha
I am not sure if it will be good idea to let visitors take a dip in the pond. I think it will cause more damage than good as people will leave the spot littered. At a time max 4-5 people can enter. If 100 people take bath here per day I am not sure if the pond water can handle and maintain purity. Bendre Theertha is a stagnant water so anything added remains there. 

Apart from checking out Bendre theertha we spent a few minutes in the river which was nearby. There is a Durga and also a small offroad track if you wish to get down, drive by the river and get up.

Nearby: Narahari Hill, Jamalabad Fort, Karinjeshwara hill temple * Bala Vana


  1. Replies
    1. You must be well aware that local language is Tulu. In Tulu “Bendr” means hot water. Your stating “ Bendre Theertha (sometimes wrongly referred to as Bendru Theertha) is entirely erroneous Mr. Hande. By you name I guess that you may not know Tulu. Bendr Tirtha is the correct name and please don’t make it “Bandre”. FYI, I am a local person.

    2. Ok, I will update both, I do not have a means to verify these things officially

  2. This article was dated Oct. 2021. Is there any improvement thereafter? Now it is Oct. 2022.

  3. Now it is Oct 2022, is there any improvement after the above article was published a year ago?

    1. I can't keep going there again and again to check. You may visit and check or ask a local. If I visit that area again I will check again. But don't think anything would have changed since an year, else we would have read some news.


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