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Koti Chennaya Theme park, Karkala: Photos & details

Koti Chennaya are respected heros in Tulu history, popular in Dakshina Kannada and coastal Karnataka region. They were brothers protecting the locals and died in combat. In their memory and respect there are several events and monuments named after them. I have written about Koti Chennaya Kambala at Moodubidire few years ago.

The town of Karkala now has a Koti Chennaya Theme park. Koti Chennaya Theme park was set up a decade ago (first phase was inaugurated in 2011 as per this news. I visited Koti Chennaya theme park recently (October 2021) and below are my findings

What to expect at Koti Chennaya Theme Park, Karkala?

1. Wall art, Murals & garden

As I entered through main gate, the craft on the walls were eye catching. These are not mere murals or paintings but crafted into wall structure. You will find a nice, fairly well maintained garden in the entry area.

2. Colourful dolls

I had seen such dolls at Mekkekattu Nandikeshwara temple. Similar ones are kept on display in the main hall that we see once entering Kotti Chennaya Theme park. A display of their name, description would have been great, along with some lighting specific to each exhibits.

3. Ancient artefacts, scale models, household items

A whole block is dedicated to exhibit ancient artefacts- kitchen utensils and utilities made from wood and other materials, temple structure samples, agricultural artefacts and so on. These rooms were not illuminated probably due to lack of visitors

4. Cultural Exhibits- Kambala, Bhootada Kola, Huli Vesha and more

An open area next door has several exhibits depicting Kambala, Bhootada Kola, Huli Vesha (tiger dance) and others. Many exhibits were covered in PPE (plastic cover)- either to protect them from rain or because their work is not complete yet. Proper paintings on the exhibit would be nice.

Access to this part of the theme park was little tricky because we were expected to leave the footware outside while entering theme park complex but this section definitely needs footware as the ground is full of sharp rocks and other items.

5. Koti Chennaya Statues

Statues of Koti and Chennaya form main symbol of the theme park.

6. Private rooms: Many rooms were locked- probably meant for officials or other use. Not sure if they would rent out a few rooms here.

7. Swimming pool: A large open ground and a swimming pool exists next to Koti Chennaya theme park. Some more constructions were going on.

Someone was doing a photoshoot when we visited. It didn't look like there were many staff around. There was no entry fee, the room lights were not on and toilets were locked. Overall the park felt still under construction or not fully open. Not sure if covid is the cause for partial closure. It was a fine visit as we were in the area. 

Visitor Info regarding Koti Chennaya Theme Park, Karkala:

  • Koti Chennaya Theme park is 3 kms from Karkala bus stand and can be reached by hiring an auto.
  • 9 AM to 5 PM is the official timing
  • Time required to explore: Min 1 hour, more if you wish.
  • Facilities available: None. No food court, toilets were locked- check with staff for key
  • Entry fee: None.

Nearby: Durga Falls * Chaturmukha Basadi * Karkala Gomateshwara Statue * Varanga lake Basadi *


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