Mekkekattu Nandikeshwara temple Dolls Udupi

Mekkekattu is a small village in Udupi district of Karnataka. It has a temple of Nandikeshwara…


What makes this temple special is the presence of large dolls, few as high as 10-12 feet. Dolls represent various characters- warrior, king, women, animals and vary in sizes.

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How to reach Mekekattu? Mekekattu can be reached by Road from nearby towns like Mangalore/Udupi/Kundapura. Typical route will be- Mangaluru-Udupi-Brahmavara-Barkuru-Shiriyara (Buses that go towards Haladi from Brahmavara can drop you off at this place). Alternatively you can connect from Kundapura town either via Bidkalkatte or Saybarakatte (these are names of local villages- don’t worry if you’re not planning to visit)


Not much information is available about these dolls. These structures/statues/dolls mostly appear to be in war ready state and have a mix of multiple cultures. Wikipedia has a few lines about Mekekkattu Nandikeshwara dolls. They appear to be built on movable structures. Not sure if they’ll be taken out in a possession or something during festival/fairs

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tiger horse-rider

Nearby places: Endpoint Manipal * Kodachadri * Kaup * Karkala *


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