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Into 6th year of blogging

Last Sunday this blog completed 5 years of existence. You may read the first post, published on May 22, 2006 here. This blog was then on

2010-2011 has been very fruitful year as a blogger- I was official blogger for Tata Nano Superdrive 1 (Superdrive 2 is in progress as I write and I’m missing it), live blogged several events and conferences of CII and IAMAI. However I did miss an opportunity of US travel and another opportunity to  join a cycling event as official blogger. Most of the posts were related to travel only, compared to business related posts which I used to write a lot during initial few years.  Travel bloggers’ trip to Hoysala Village Resort has been the recent most activity related to blogging.

For the first time I could publish some international content on this blog during this year, thanks to two international travel opportunities that came my way.

As far as stats concerned, no major improvements. Visitor count still hovering around 400-500 visitors per day (about 1400 pageviews per day on an average) for past few years. Apart from publishing new post in Indivine and facebook, I’m not doing any promotions for the blog. May be I should, but no time. Couldn’t pursue link building either. The current template is about 1 year old- no immediate plans of changing it. The blog continues to be hosted on blogger- no plans of moving it to wordpress or incorporating better comment plugins.

Lucky to have a good number of regular readers, who continue to read and comment on my posts. Have identified regular commenters on two occasions- in two posts here and here. Will publish some more posts featuring regular visitors soon. I take this opportunity to thank all my readers.

Facebook and twitter are eating into one’s time which otherwise would have been spent on reading/writing or commenting on blog posts. The short and instant versions are indeed getting more popular and convenient. Not so serious bloggers are shifting to these, while regular bloggers are holding on to their habit of writing detailed posts. Not sure how future will turn out, but at this moment, I feel blogging will sustain for near future, due to their SEO value and ability to deliver quality long term content.

Made some friends and am sure to have made some enemies as well- there were many requests from Individuals and agencies, asking me to promote their product/service/cause, which I’d to turn down at my own discretion. Haven’t done strong reviews of any products/business schemes of late. The 4 years old Club Mahindra post is still doing strong.

The only regret is the number of articles I’ve sent to print, which is near zero. If I was not active online, I would have written down stuff on paper and send them to newspapers/magazines. At least one in ten would have got published. With blogging, its lot convenient to just type and publish instantly, than writing it down, reviewing, editing it and eventually sending it to some print media, only to wait sine die for a response…

Looking forward to 6th year of blogging and your continued support. Thanks in advance

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  1. Great , congrats . hope to read more and more .........

  2. Congrats Srinidhi... writing for such a long time with quality articles is not an easy task.... keep them coming.

  3. Wow Shri, Congrats for being so active in the blogging world for past FIVE years... :)

  4. hearty congratulations!!
    heres wishing you many more blogversaries!!

  5. Reading your articles has been a pleasure. Keep going. Good Luck.

  6. Wow! 6th year! Thats Awesome... Congratulations and keep the posts coming!

  7. congrats srinidhi! keep it going :)

  8. congrats srinidhi! keep it going :)

  9. Thanks Subramanya, TGS, Prashanth, Deb,Deepak, Raveesh, Rajesh, Rajesh, Arti, Sandeep...

  10. You are doing great job. Article writing is a nice art. It is God gift. I believe it does not mean how much command you have in knowledge. But it mean how great your thoughts and ideas. Here in online almost every one is busy and try to write some thing and publish for good traffic. Only 10 in 1000 may write article for their passion.

    Also the readers are too busy they don't pay much interest to read top to bottom of the article they read few lines and skip from the page unless they feel it is most important to them or very creative.

  11. Big CONGRATS for your sixer, in cricketing parlance. I believe you have the talent to pull off commercial and travel diaries with equal aplomb. Pl keep up your ethical standards. Ultimately that is difference and your USP.

  12. Thanks Ram and Umesh sir for your encouraging words


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