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TataNano Superdrive2 is back

Good news and the bad news. June 2010 saw me on the road for an entire month, as I travelled from all across South India along with 3 Tata Nanos, as Official Blogger for Tata Nano Superdrive. Good news is that Tata Motors is planning 2nd edition of Superdrive, from May 16th to June 8th. Bad news is that I can’t be part of it-I won’t be able to do justice to my primary job if I ask such long leaves, hence have to forgo this opportunity. If you’re a quality blogger and interested in being part of Superdrive2, if you can travel with the convoy for 3 weeks, live blogging the journey as it unfolds, do let me know. Will connect with the organizers and you might get a chance to be Official Blogger this time.
I’m waiting to know more details about Superdrive 2 and wishing the team all the best.

DSLR Camera Simulator
In other updates,  found this website very useful for those learning photography. It has got a good DSLR simulator,you can play around and see how the photo comes under various settings.

Murdering the Maharaja
Came across a blog post which gives detailed account of how former Minister for Civil Aviation- Praful Patel sabotaged India’s National Carrier Air India, to benefit his personal friends who run rival airlines. A CNN IBN report citing CAG also states the same thing, that Maharaja was systematically murdered by a series of Political actions- buying more aircrafts than needed (to facilitate aircraft manufacturer), pulling out from profitable routes to benefit Jet and Kingfisher, asking Air India to share Hangers and maintenance facilities with Kingfisher and many other such decisions, all taken to satisfy personal interests of few.
I wish another serious investigation kicks off, similar to 2G scam and all culprits who killed Maharaja are sent to jail and losses recovered from these people.

Bloggers Meet at Hoysala Village Resort
Looking forward to join a team of bloggers invited to be part of an exclusive bloggers meet being organized by Hoysala Village Resort, Hassan. More details probably next week


  1. hi guys, you couldn't make it to nano superdrive-2, check out this link http://bit.ly/jp12ik and read about their experiences on various routes.

  2. Hi,
    thanks for sharing the link.. Too many blogs were tough to keep track of


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