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Best of Jan-April 2011

This post just lists the most popular posts of this  blog, published during Jan-April 2011. Popularity is determined by number of comments and pageviews received. Author’s favorites are also forced in…

If you’ve been regular reading all posts you can skip this one. Not so frequent visitors might wish to have a look at these posts.

1. Bengaluru Photowalk pictures

2. Into the future: An imaginary post narrating how life will be in 7000AD

3.Buying new car vs renting one

4.Talakadu near Mysore- excavation pics

5.Colombo: Every trip has a purpose

6. Commuting to work by Cycle- Pros and cons

7.Indian Express Tweet of the day

8. Bret lee in Colombo

9. Dancing peacock in Karanji Kere, Mysore

10. Srilankan Newspapers on Sundays

11. Birds of Karanji Kere, Mysore

12. My talk at CII Event

13 Valparaiso City pictures

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