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Mercado Central, Santiago, Chile

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Mercado central is the main marketplace in Santiago- much like KR market of Bengaluru or Koyambedu market in Chennai, only more organized and well maintained. Another difference is that all roads leading to a market area in India will usually be crowded, but the surroundings of Mercado Ccentral are as calm and serene as other places in the city. I didn’t get to see the crowd feeling anywhere. Mercado Central is believed to be the inaugurated in 1872.

I spent few minutes there- it did have road side shops just the way we find in India. A lady was also selling noodles by the roadside.

The main complex in Mercado central houses a range of shops and hotels- Shops mainly sell meat and vegetables, while lot of hotels serve food to guests, along with guys playing music…
I didn’t try any food here, as they were primarily non-vegetarian and I’d language problem emphasizing that I need pure veg food. The ambience was also too crowded and noisy to eat a peaceful meal. Meals were fairly expensive too- ranging from 500-1500 rupees. Without proper description of the food and not knowing if I’ll like them or not,  it was fairly big amount to experiment.
he fruits were fairly cheap: Mangos at Rs 25/kg, Banaga at Rs 35/kg, Apple at Rs 40/kg. I bought a kilo of Bananas at a shop and had them to my stomach’s content.
Mercado Central is also one of the pickup points from where Touristic Tour Buses pickup tourists for out of city tours. More about touristic in a separate post.

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  1. Seems Santiago is a cool place to visit, are there traces of guerilla warfare still ?

  2. Looks nice... The fruits are really very cheap!

  3. Umesh sir,

    No, couldn't find any trace of guerilla warfare during my short stay

    Arti: Yes, I realized it little late- switched from Rs 300+ sandwiches to fruits during last few days

  4. I wonder why you compared it to India? :P Obs, its a different place.. Though i liked the pics, wished you could write more!

  5. Had no specific reason or though behind comparing to India... those words came to my mind and I penned it down

  6. I wish all our market places are as organized as this one..



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