Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mercado Central, Santiago, Chile

Mercado central is the main marketplace in Santiago- much like KR market of Bengaluru or Koyambedu market in Chennai, only more organized and well maintained. Another difference is that all roads leading to a market area in India will usually be crowded, but the surroundings of Mercado Ccentral are as calm and serene as other places in the city. I didn’t get to see the crowd feeling anywhere. Mercado Central is believed to be the inaugurated in 1872.

I spent few minutes there- it did have road side shops just the way we find in India. A lady was also selling noodles by the roadside.
The main complex in Mercado central houses a range of shops and hotels- Shops mainly sell meat and vegetables, while lot of hotels serve food to guests, along with guys playing music…musicians-at-marcado-centrerestaurants-in-mercado-central
I didn’t try any food here, as they were primarily non-vegetarian and I’d language problem emphasizing that I need pure veg food. The ambience was also too crowded and noisy to eat a peaceful meal. Meals were fairly expensive too- ranging from 500-1500 rupees. Without proper description of the food and not knowing if I’ll like them or not,  it was fairly big amount to experiment.
roadside-vegetable-shop  roadside-shops-in-mercado-central
The fruits were fairly cheap: Mangos at Rs 25/kg, Banaga at Rs 35/kg, Apple at Rs 40/kg. I bought a kilo of Bananas at a shop and had them to my stomach’s content.
    war-memorial-statue-santiago guy-selling-dvdscrowded-streets-mercado-central-chile
Mercado Central is also one of the pickup points from where Touristic Tour Buses pickup tourists for out of city tours. More about touristic in a separate post.

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Deguide said...

Seems Santiago is a cool place to visit, are there traces of guerilla warfare still ?

Arti said...

Looks nice... The fruits are really very cheap!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Umesh sir,

No, couldn't find any trace of guerilla warfare during my short stay

Arti: Yes, I realized it little late- switched from Rs 300+ sandwiches to fruits during last few days

Divenita said...

I wonder why you compared it to India? :P Obs, its a different place.. Though i liked the pics, wished you could write more!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Had no specific reason or though behind comparing to India... those words came to my mind and I penned it down

Trails of a Traveler said...

I wish all our market places are as organized as this one..


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Wishful thinking....