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Santiago mayor launches toytrain service for senior citizen

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

 While on my hop on hop off city tour, I first saw this toy train parked unattended near a nice building. I didn’t care much about it and moved on. (In the first photo below you’ll see the toy train on right hand side corner)

I came back to this square, known as Plaza De Armas (Arms Square) after some time and the scene had changed. The toy train was centre of attraction. Lot of people were surrounding it, with police around and TV crew in action. Obviously something of importance has happened or was about to happen. I hung around some more time to figure out what it is.

Photos below give better illustration than what I can explain in words…

After sometime people moved back, as someone prepared to address the gathering. This person spoke for few minutes in Spanish and after his public talk, he gave some bytes and poses to media as well.

I made an attempt to understand what is happening. Not many spoke English. Eventually a national TV reporter cared to respond to my question and here’s what she said “This is a new service being launched in the city for senior citizens-today it is being inaugurated by city Mayor”.  I figured out the person in blue shirt is the mayor of Santiago. (I could be wrong). After briefing session lot of senior citizens got into the train. Train driver readied the train, released steam into air couple of times for photographers to click and to entertain others, I believe it to be fake steam (the two compartment toy train was obviously powered by Internal combustion engine and not steam)

Eventually the mayor got into the train, a lady journalist boarded the train along with camera to record mayor’s inaugural journey in toy train and slowly the train started moving, with police escort, releasing fake steam occasionally
  This is Shrinidhi Hande reporting from Santiago, Chile on the inaugural ceremony of toy train 723.

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  1. Nice to see this..... esp the idea that its meant for senior citizens. we usually tend to associate toy trains as joy rides for kids, not adults!

  2. Did you take a ride on that Toy Train? It looks delightfully quaint.

  3. Thanks Rajesh and Anu

    Purba: No I didn't take a ride

  4. hiii my question is ws this really a train(ur toy train)?if so hw it is
    moving on the road?

  5. you can call it car train if you wish.. I called it train as it has many compartments...


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