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Birds near Hoysala Village Resort, Hassan

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Managed to click some birds during Hoysala Village resort visit earlier this month. As usual these are low res images, as I had to scale down to VGA mode to get better zoom. Only wish I had a DSLR with 300mm lens to capture these things in a more clear and crisp way…

1. Indian Pond Heron
2. Sunbird: Unlike other sunbird pics seen on net, this one didn’t have bright colours, but notice the shape of its mouth
Purple Heron and an unidentified species of duck. These two were resting near a lake and a local dog was trying to chase them away when I was clicking them.

While breasted kingfisher and a dragonfly

Ashy Prinia and another bird (Indian Roller). Sankara and uSandeep told me its name when I’d clicked it, but I later forgot, reminded by Ram. Only the last bird was clicked on the way to Hasan, while others were clicked in and around the resort. There were few more, but I failed to capture them in any decent form.

I’m specially thankful to Ram of Photography-Travel for naming these birds.

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