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Tajmahal Exhibition Consumer Fair Chennai

While driving by the roadside one night, I saw Tajmahal to my left. Realized that someone had created a replica of Agra’s Tajmahal and created sort of exhibition/consumer fair around it. Since night time was not good for photography and I didn’t have my camera then, I went to that place (in Perungudi, near SRP tools) this morning.

The exhibition is open till end of May 2011. Open all days from 4pm to 9.30 pm. Entry fee is Rs 40 for adults and Rs 20 for children.

As I went very early in the morning, the camp was deserted, except for few security guards, who promptly asked me to come back by 4pm when the exhibition is open for public. But then enough was visible from outside itself, I took some good photos and came back.

The lookalike is fairly close to the original one. Below is the mockup Tajmahal erected at Chennai’s Exhibition
And the original one, clicked at Agra during 2008 is below. The angles do not match, but hope the photos are good enough to compare

Entrance to Chennai's exhibition also resembles a fort entrance, having similarity with another prominent tourist destination in Agra. Inside the gate you’ll find green carpet trying to mock the scene above.
You might wish to show Tajmahal to your loved ones right here in Chennai, hence the post. Exhibition venue also has shops and games (like Dragon Ship, Giant wheel, toy train etc) to entertain kids.
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  1. Great!!!. The photo exhibition of Tajmahal is very nice

  2. Tajmahal is a great historical place in our country and these pictures are really nice. thanks for sharing about this exhibition.

  3. Dear srini...

    sameer here, pls provide ur number or make a call Mr.naresh for ur Great Taj Mahal. 09539093095


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