Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Comment kings of this blog...

A mention of those who have been writing comments regularly at this blog:

Sandesh Karanth: Has two active blogs one each for Kannada and English(few more inactive ones too), blogs whenever time permits or gets content. I do not like the black background colour in his blog and it is painful to read Kannada in English letters.

Bhupesh: Bhupesh is a Club Mahindra member and has written several articles on Club Mahindra based on his personal experience, observation etc. [like this, this this and this post]Spend some time at his blog if you’re considering club Mahindra membership seriously.

Logesh: He’s stopped updating his blog but cares to drop by and write comments occasionally at this blog. (Wait...seems he just posted something after several months)

Ravish Kumar: Was a reader at this blog from the very beginning. No. of comments from his side are on the decline but still is a good reader and writer worth having.

JOJO: hasn't written too many comments but has been giving occassional feedback.

PlaneMad: Has written comments on my posts related to Chennai/volvo buses.

This list mentions those who have been writing comments regularly in general and past few months in particular. There’re many others who have written lots of comments but not listed here. If I’ve missed you please let me know.

I’m sure there’re many of you who have read my posts but didn’t care to comment. If you never write a comment I have no way of knowing you ever read my post. So once in a while please spare a moment and drop a comment.

RT is running a comment/king queen contest, about which I’d written earlier in a post. That post didn’t evoke any response and I eventually decided to delete the post thinking I shouldn’t tempt/provoke/beg readers for comments. Above listed readers been writing without expecting anything in return. Thanks to each one of you and others.

The term "Comment King" is sourced from the contest RT is running.

Read November 2010 post about regular readers


Hari said...

Thanks for the mention on your blog, Shrinidhi. :-)


Sandesh said...


Thanks for the title and the suggestions. I like the black background and am also lazy (hesitant) to change.

Regarding Kanglish, Unicode isn't implemnted on all machines around the globe (why go that far, it isnt on my machine @ office) and hence i prefer this instead of Kannada fonts. Will blog once we can view Kannada fonts everywhere. =)

Shrinidhi Hande said...


Welcome. I understand your concerns. Use your judgement.

pleasure is mine.

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

hey thanks for the mention..
yes though am not writing in my blog.. will sure comment your's wenever i have time..
i always lik ur posting's..
Happy New Year!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Logesh. You're welcome..

Shubham ~NeO~ said...

Bro U Linked Me Using Tech Guru ( ) . Pls link me using Tech Guru ( ) .. Waiting For A Quick Response . Let Me Knw When Ur Done . Sry For The Inconvenience . It's to increase my page rank !!! Njoy !!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...


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Anonymous said...
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