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New idea: fingerprint authentication for bikes

Ideally I should have patented this idea before releasing the same to general public, but I’m generous enough to throw it open.

This is a free idea from my side for anyone in automobile industry willing to implement.

What is this idea?
Introduce fingerprint ignition in bikes and eliminate the need for keys (or use in combination with conventional key)

Is it tough to implement?
I don’t think so. Fingerprint authentication is readily available in most of the notebook models, so the technology is available. To use it in bikes bike makers will have to design microprocessor controlled circuit completion mechanism which will either replace or complement current practice of completing the ignition circuit only when a particular key is used (levers will move and close the circuit only when a specific key is used) with fingerprint based circuit completion.

Technically this is achievable.

What do you achieve? (Benefits)
1. Swipe ur finger and start the bike-No need to carry keys.
2. Traffic cop will be helpless when he tries to remove the keys from your bike…
3. Safety for your bikes.

1. Each user will need to be configured to store his fingerprint in order to use the bike.
2. Mechanical devices are more reliable that softwares…If the fingerprint sensor stops working or malfunctions and you can not start the bike, everyone around will think you are trying to steal the bike…
3. Filmmakers across the globe will be in big trouble… Whenever hero needs a vehicle in the middle of nowhere, these filmmakers ensure that someone has parked his bike somewhere nearby and usually is little away from scene, releasing excess body liquid, so that hero can steal the bike. With fingerprint authentication, these heroes will be in trouble.
Comment in your ideas.

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  1. hehe! Good idea!

    I totally agree with the pros that you've mentioned. Here are some of the cons which i thought

    practically thinking, fingerprint ignition forces us to ride vehicles without gloves!

    Also. what should the people who use old bikes do?? They have a kickstart mechanism. we should take the footprint mechanism for them. (I they dont wear any footwear.)

    Thinking of movies, I like to suggest something that i've watched in a movie. Forgot the movie name but an Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer, where he cuts the hand or the finger to gain access.

    P.S - This comment is purely to be taken in comical sense. Its not against anything.

  2. Sounds like a good idea, but one factor you've missed out is that friends
    usually lend each other bikes so if finger-printing is introduced family or
    friends won't be able to use your bike in an emergency. (unless you've
    already configured it to accept multiple fingerprints)


  3. hey shri thats a good idea...
    who knows our bike stealers will find a more advanced technology to violate this.. he he...

  4. Sandesh:
    I agree on gloves part.
    Old bikes can be used with keys or can be upgraded...

    Kick start can be retained as business continuity.

    Hari: How about creating a group account which will accept fingerprint of all group members?

    Logesh: Yes, theives are more innovative...we'll see...

  5. To be frank, this is not a NEW idea,
    Such type of locks are available for cars and one can find a reseller in metros (mumbai,delhi) easily.

    i've seen a demo in a car.

    Generally it's not used in car or bikes, coz (1) it's expensive right now (2) inconvenience and impractical for use.


  6. FM,

    Ok, I didn't know that such a solution is readily available in India.



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