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e-निधि इंडिया New Year Resolutions

eNidhi India board of directors met recently and following new year resolutions have been cleared by the board. These resolutions will be in effect till next revision, as and when felt necessary by the board. (We understand that New year is a week ahead, but eNidhi India Planning Commission is very active and strives to keep eNidhi India and its readers future ready!)

1 Opening dialogue of any conversation (such as but not limited to face to face/chat/email etc) shall be anything other than “Hey! Have you read my latest post?

2 Friends and relatives shall no more be hit with “Know what? My Pagerank has got increased to 4 from 3!” (and waste another 30 minutes trying to explain what a pagerank is and its significance).

3 Visitor stats will be reviewed once in a week or a fortnight only. There shall be no mourning if number of hits falls far below average one day and there’ll be no jumping with joy if it doubles another day.

4 Friends, relatives and fellow bloggers will not be taken to task for not writing any comment at my blog.

5 Attempt will be made to diversify from core blogging and try to focus on other fields of creativity and knowledge building.

6 Number of posts per month will be restricted to a maximum of 15 while attempt will be made to write at least one post per week (or 4 posts per month).

7 Each new post shall be published with a default expected comment count of zero. This way there shall be no disappointment if no one comments.

8 Effort, time and money spent on blogging shall now be documented and monitored against the value generated by the same (tangible/intangible).

9 Precious disk space of blogger shall not be wasted by writing yet another post saying “My abc article is topping the search engine!!!!”

10 No more pressing of fellow bloggers to write new post. No more follow ups “its quite sometime since you haven’t updated your blog”.

11 friends and contacts shall not be dragged into useless conversations like “Listen, I bought 7 Infy shares at Rs 1619.4 last month… I knew it had support at around 1550…it went down till 1510 but has now recovered to 1735…I think it may appreciate till 1850 where it may face some resistance…”.

It is hereby declared that all above resolutions were passed in a sound state of mind. Please be informed that New year resolutions are subject to dilution over a period of time. While every attempt will be made to adhere to these resolutions, eNidhi India accepts no liabilities in the event of deviations for the stated guidelines.

eNidhi India wishes happy new year 2008 to all its readers.

What is your new year resolution? Drop a comment.

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  1. Hi Shrinidhi,
    Nice set of resolutions you've posted there.

    Please be informed that New year resolutions are subject to dilution over a period of time.

    good one there.
    V. Harishankar

  2. Hehe!

    Amazed that you consider that new year is 10 days ahead! I consider Ugadi as the new year. Note that I'm not confronting you of considering Jan 1st as new year.

    I am far from resolutions irrespective of new year. I dont plan myself be it whatever.

    Good read. Keep posting!

  3. Hari and Sandesh, Thanks for the comments.

    Well, new year resolutions are usually made as per christian calendar...

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have replied to your concerns in my blog.

    Best wishes.

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  6. Reading the article after 6 years and that too when another new year is at the doorstep.

    Nice resolutions there! Hope you could achieve them all by now :p

    Happy New Year 2014 (in advance)!


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