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Deal Closed- Bajaj Pulsar Sold.

Few days ago I’d published a post here stating my friend NR Bhat wishes to sell off his Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Bike. One of my readers, JOJO (I know his real name but it is withheld as I don’t know his preferences) has purchased the said bike from NR Bhat and both parties are now happy.

eNidhi India takes pride in generating real life value to two of its readers who have benefited from this blog.

But now, JOJO says he has “no one” to take pillion seat of his newly bought old bike…Unfortunately eNidhi India is not in a position to help him in this regard. Any suggestions anyone?


  1. Well, ask him to take any of his friends to occupy that. If he insists on a person with opposite sex, I dunno! He has to find one somehow! =P

  2. Nidhi: Thanks for publishing the ad on your blog..
    I would be better known as JOJO..
    Yeah, I am in search of a Pillion rider, hope some of your blog readers are interested!!


  3. JOJO: Welcome and all the best for your hunt of next "object of desire"...

    Sandesh: Suggestion noted.

  4. well my friend look at the new verticles that you have entered into C2C portal, match makin portal, congrats on your expansion spree~~~hope jojo finds someone to take the seat~~

  5. Rambhai, well, match making hasn't been successful here so far...



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