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Random Updates, December 2007

1. Currently I’m facing an otherwise rare scenario where I want to write lots of posts but do not have time.

2. I do not scan my gmail spam folder very carefully. Recently realized that several genuine mails were marked as spam by Google. If you'd mailed me earlier for which u were expecting a reply but never got any, please mail again or drop a comment. Chances are that your mail headed to spam folder and got deleted automatically. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Check your spam folder once a while as well.)

3.Mrs. Mridula, a fellow traveler during my Coorg trip earlier this month (and one of India’s top travel blogger), has written few nice words about me at her blog here. She’s giving brief account of all bloggers who participated.

4. Rakshana M N, One of my ex-classmate (Chinthana M N)’s sister is very good at poetry and other creative writing. She’s published three collections so far of her Kannada poems. The Hindu published her profile recently which can be read here.

paper on Incident Management Solution

5. Hardalli Krishnadeva Kedlaya, a well known vedic scholar in his community (and my grand dad) was felicitated last week at Gayana Samaja. Photos, videos and report in this post.

6. If possible read Cover story of Outlook Magazine, issue dated 17th dec. The cover story is about how IT has changed Bangalore.

7. Recently I co authored a technical paper titled “Incident Management Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry”. This paper was presented at a conference in New Delhi and was published in a booklet.

8. Next post: A brief about those who have been writing comments regularly at this blog...


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  2. hi nidhi, thank u so much for writin abt my sis :)
    i saw the video of falicitation. no wonder the grandkid is blessed with such a talent!!! keep it up..
    take care

  3. Chinthana, the pleasure is mine.

    and thanks for those good words.


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