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Saligrama habba (festival) photos

Saligrama is a small town in coastal Karnataka and close to my native place. Once an year most of the towns in Udupi/Dakshina kannada district will  have their annual car festivals. In childhood we would get holidays at school on these festivals and attending them- a joy ride in giant wheel and lots of sweets and snacks were the best entertainment we could get. Because I reside in Chennai I miss most of them. This time planned my visit to native so as to be able to attend the Saligrama car festival.

Here’re some photos from this year’s Saligrama festival. Temple cart or chariot is the main attraction in the festival. It is a four wheel- thousands of legs powered vehicle. It is pulled through the main street with bare hands of the devotees. Being about to take some good photos of the chariot possession is major part of the festival photography. Possession happened twice- once in the morning, once in the evening. I managed to get on top of a building and take some photos, but I think I should have been able to do better. 
Above: Some close photos of the fully decorated saligrama temple chariot
Below: Temple chariot passing the main highway.

 Tattiraya or giant Yakshagana characters in motion
Festival also means shopping: Traders of all sort of goods- house hold, eatables and so on set up stalls in hope of some good business. Few such pictures for you.
Horror faces for sale
 Meanwhile, the sunset...
Balloons and various other items for sale

 Giant wheel and other entertainments- these were set up the previous  night.
Sweets and snacks. 1 seru Mundakki is now Rs 10.
Musical evening in the temple premises

Decorated Anjaneya and Gurunarasimha temples
Above: Silver chariot of the Saligrama Gurunarasimha temple...
Below: A photo of the crowd.


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