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Landscapes of Chikmagalur district, Karnataka

Chikmagalur district in Karnataka is just a few hours from state capital Bengaluru and has lots of attractions to offer. Mullayyanagiri is Karnataka's highest peak, there's Seethalayyana giri,  Manikyadhara falls, Kemmnnugundi, Habbe falls, Mahatma Gandhi park, Kalhatti falls, lots of plantations & homestays and much more. However, focus of this post is Chikmagalur's interesting landscapes, which are very photogenic. These were clicked in December. I reckon these will be more green and eye catching post rainy season.

A temple on the hilltop
The lone tree!

Below: Roadside leaves with layer of fine red soil from passing vehicles

View from Mullayyanagiri


  1. Beautiful landscapes! I didn't know Chikmanglur was so scenic.

  2. Some great views. Chikmanglur is quite famous for its natural beauty

  3. Your blog has introduced me to many places I've never heard of, and are amazing destinations.
    Awesome photos.

  4. Nice pics. Is the first pic the road to Bababudangiri/Manikyadhara Falls? If yes any idea when it will be surfaced?

  5. Lovely pictures, especially those of the roads.
    Happy New Year, Shrinidhi.

  6. Indeed very beautiful place. I have been there but sure would love to go again

  7. @Arpita Dash: Thanks.

    @Prasad NP: Do visit again. sometimes after monsoon- like September may be

    @DN: Thanks and Happy new year to you too

    @Anon: Yes, first pic is the road to Manikyadhara falls. No idea when it will be laid properly. currently some construction work is going on till Bababudangiri. Hopefully they will build road after that till Manikyadahara too

  8. Thanks is your trip going on?

  9. beautiful pictures!
    I have been to Mullayanagiri, chikmagalur, Bababudanagiri and those places... I always loved them... you can see my shots here:

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