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Honnemaradu Adventure, Sagara: Contact Details

Watch this one min video I made at Honnemaradu during my last visit.

After my previous post on Honnemaradu's beautiful sunset, there were some queries about people who conduct adventure activities here, cost and so on.

I spoke to Mr Swamy, who runs Honnemaradu Adventures. Below are the details I could gather from him.

  • A weekend stay costs Rs 2000 per person and a group of minimum 12 people is recommended
  • Activities are from Day 1 morning till Day 2 evening.
  • Arriving by Talaguppa express Train No 16227 from Bengaluru will be ideal (it arrives by 7 AM and you can reach Honnemaradu by 8 AM)
  • They can handle large groups as  much as 60 people. Do speak to Swami if you have any specific expectations/requirements.
  • Book at least a month or two in advance as most of the weekends are usually sold out
  • Accommodation & facilities are extremely basic. Don't expect star hotel facilities and be ready to be part of nature.
  • No Alcohol consumption is allowed, no littering allowed.  There're few other rules to be followed as well.
Above information is as provided to me over phone by Mr Swami. Information are subject to change. Do speak to Swami for latest information. He said he would be sending me some more info (like rules & restrictions, booking process etc) by email, which I didn't get in past one week. So you can speak to Mr Swami directly for this. +91 9448485508


  1. Do they provide blankets to sleep in ?

  2. This Swamy is not picking his phone. Tried to contact so many times. Is their any alternative no pls share. I want to plan this 2 day weekend camp


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