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Skywatch Friday- Sunrise against powerline

For this week's skywatch, it is some sunrise photos clicked between Shivamogga and Sagara, on 27th December. In an otherwise forested road, powerlines that transmit electricity generated in Joga to rest of the state provide clear view of the sky. So I stopped here for a few minutes to appreciate the sunrise and click some pictures.

Some more sunrise photos at a nearby lake.. 
 Lotus flowers shining against the morning sun
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  1. I simply love the golden gleaming waters and flowers.
    Simply awesome.

  2. Beautiful.
    Powerlines make great silhouettes that pair so well with those gorgeous skies.

  3. Thanks Deepak, Indrani, ladyfi, Jo, DN, PC, Mumbaiiteanu & Fredamans

  4. I really liked the last two shots...the golden light on that pond is lovely..

  5. Nice posting!

    Greetings from a blogger in Stavanger.


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