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Boutique hotel Zone Coimbatore by the Park

Zone is a new boutique hotel in Coimbatore, by the Park group of hotels. 
I had the opportunity to be one of its first few guests, along with few other bloggers and journalists who were invited. In this post, I am sharing The Zone’s unique features that we could experience during our stay.

Zone has an Orange+ Gray theme to inspire youth and cheerfulness. One thing I noticed was that all the letters in the logo was connected. Even on the glass walls or visiting cards of the staff had multiple orange dots connecting one another. This signifies connectivity.

When I checked in, I was given a welcome drink, which to my delight was my favorite Tender coconut. I said I don’t need the straw and drank it upside down, much to the amusement of the staff and some extra work to them to clean few drops which fell on the ground. But I like this initiative of serving tender coconut instead of some soft drinks.

Elevator has a map of all places of interest nearby. The mirrors in lift walls give impression of perpetual motion. I liked this thought and execution. 
Main restaurant is called Bazaar. Serves food in an ambiance that is made to feel local.
A mobile food cart (similar to ones we find on the streets, but fully hygienic) is the main attraction at the Bazaar. Two prestige induction stoves replaced what would have been a kerosene stove or a LPG stov in roadside carts. Unfortunately we couldn't see this cart in action.
Live samples of the ingredients used are kept outside, which also helps people connect more with their food.

Just the sight of the pickle jar was enough to increase my appetite... (I think using traditional pickle jars would have been more better).

Lobby area is well designed with octagonal overhead lamps, a gaming area, a highly decorated auto selling ethnic stuff, a 24x7 business centre (with a Mac and a windows computer). It is great to have business centre open all the time, as many other hotels keep it open only during day time.

Baggage tags at the hotel are also very friendly. They say "It's mine- take care". So touchy.

The rooms at Zone Coimbatore:

Zone has about 56 rooms spread in 3 floors. There is only one Super special room (The Suite), which can be seen below. This room has large living area apart from a super premium bedroom.

Standard rooms

Rooms are fairly high tech. You can play your contents on the hotel TV by connecting your device to hotel TV via USB or HDMI port etc. The power outlets support multiple formats, which is very useful for international travelers who may not have India specific power adapter.
Rooms have safety lock, ironing table and ironbox. The light switches for the main lamps were sort of hidden, but hotel staff usually show them to the guest upon arrival, so this should be fine. Switches are very sleek and modern looking. A gentle tap is enough.

When I checked in at about 4.30PM, I asked if I can give my cloths for laundry. I was told it will be collected only next day and will be delivered by 7PM. This meant if I am checking in at 5PM and wish to check out at 5PM next day, I can't get my cloths cleaned in this 24 hours. When I took this up with hotel authorities, I was told that such special requests can definitely be addressed if there is a need. 10 AM to 7 PM is the standard laundry timings. Express service can be arranged on demand. Good.

WiFi is free for all guests in Zone. Another good initiative, because many hotels charge in thousands for a day of connectivity.

On the top floor there will be a Gym, a roof top restaurant and a pool. But these were not yet open to public pending regulatory approvals, so we couldn't check them out. They should be opening anytime soon.

On Day 2 we had some activities- wherein Chef Kumaran explained the concept of tastes, omelettes and so on.
I was taught how to make a smoothy! I added  2 strawberries, some curd, milk, sugar, oats and few other stuff and stirred it in the mixer- first in course grinder and next in fine grinder. It was a good experience, though I wish I could add few more spoons of sugar.

The hotel campus of Zone Coimbatore is located in the main road but the location was very clean and quiet. Zone is about 8 kms from Coimbatore airport, about 15-20 minutes drive.

The park group of Hotels has planned a series of Zone hotels in multiple cities- including Mahabalipuram, Jaipur and other cities. Best wishes to them. 

Update: Read Dinner experience at Zone Chennai *


  1. Did the food have a good local taste? I find to many hotels and restaurants having a very generic taste these days.

  2. You’re right! All the points mentioned in the article seem to be truth and it is worth reading. Truly had fun reading this post.

  3. @Param: I had only day 2 lunch there, rest outside. Their second restaurant on top floor is yet to open. Also I couldn't experience food cart in action.. They certainly are making efforts to give local flavor.

    @AlwinSan: thanks

  4. Great review of a unique hotel


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