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Partial hike to Jamalabad fort

Jamalabad is a fort on a giant rock on top of a hill near the town of Belthangady in Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka state.

The fort is named after Tipu Sultan's mother, Jamalabai. The Jamalabad fort has over 1000 steps to hike and is pretty complex trek for normal humans, though termed as Medium complexity (for experienced hikers). During monsoon we get to see water gushing down the hill over the rocky steps making it amazing view (and near impossible to climb due to slippery rocks)

Post monsoon would be ideal time to hike Jamalabad fort. At least this is what we thought and visited Jamalabad fort last week of October. This post shares our findings, photos and planning tips and info if you are planning to visit Jamalabad Fort.

Jamalabad Fort has an entry fee of Rs 50 per person. No other fees for camera, parking etc. A toilet building is available near ticket counter but didn't appear to be in great shape. A small cart based petty shop was also operational selling some snacks and juice. Belthangady town, 7 kms away, is your best bet for food and refreshments.

Jamalabad Fort main entry gates are opened at around 7-7.30 AM in the morning as per the person issuing tickets. The hike involves large steps, small steps carved out of rocks and more complex and tricky steps for the final phase. We started our climb at about 10.30 AM, took about an hour to cover 50-60% of the steps. We could see small bits of water still flowing down the rocks. The steps were wet at many places forcing us to be extra careful in case it is slippery. Feedback from those returning were that final phase is too tricky as the path is very slippery. We would have taken another hour or more to complete the final phase and reach the hill top, where remains of a fort could be seen. At this point we had to decide if we have the time and energy to complete the trek or return back, continue to other planned destinations of the day. While I had a shoe, other family members who had joined were not geared up for complex trek. Most people-mostly family, young couples and such casual visitors, were returning from half way point not having time and energy to complete the trek.

Eventually we decided to turn back. I will have to plan another visit to Jamalabad fort maybe post January, early morning to complete the trek till the top. I will update the post if I do.

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