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Waterfalls in Udupi district: List, Planning info, Details

Udupi district has a dozen plus waterfalls, but they are not promoted well and tourists don't really plan a Udupi visit because of waterfalls. I have explained in my previous post various challenges w.r.t visiting waterfalls in Udupi district, Karnataka. Past one year I have managed to personally visit a few of them- Belkal Theertha, Koosalli, Thomabattu Falls, Haklamane falls, Arbi falls etc. A few more I tried to visit but they were either closed or access was too complicated hence had to be kept for future. A few more I am aware of their existence but haven't visited yet. In this post I am giving a list of all the waterfalls in Udupi district, their locations, complexity of access and other additional details I have. You can use these information to plan your Udupi trip or include a few waterfalls in your Udupi itinerary. 

A brief summary below in tabular format, detailing waterfalls of Udupi district.



Distance from Udupi

Complexity of access

Nearest town



Belkal Theertha

82 kms


Kollur, 25 kms

3 kms walking 1 way, 100 Rs entry


Koosalli Falls

90 kms


Baindoor, 20 kms

4 kms walking 1 way


Kudumari falls

83 kms


Baindoor, 18 kms



Kudlu Theertha

56 kms


Hebri, 20 kms

Often remains closed


Jomlu Theertha

36 kms


Hebri, 12 kms

Often remains closed


Tombattu Falls

63 kms


Tombattu, Haladi

Small falls, not worth going all the way, visit if around


Haklamane Falls

80 kms


Gangolli, 15 kms

Bit of offroading & hike, small falls


Durga Falls

50 kms


Karkala, 6 kms



Maddina hole falls

65 kms

Very Difficult

Tombattu (3), Haladi (25 kms)

7 km trek one way


Arasinagundi Falls

80 kms

Very Difficult

Kollur, 5 kms

Guide recommended



6 kms



Small stream near town


Parappadi falls

40 kms


Karkala, 10 kms



Gulnadi falls  

















Brief details about these waterfalls of Udupi district:
Waterfalls I have visited so far:

1. Belkal Theertha Falls: 25 kms from Kollur, accessible with 3 kms uphill trek, 100 Rs entry fee per person + 300 to 1000 Rs camera fee depending on lens. Amazing falls and great adventure hiking all the way. Will take half a day (from nearby towns like Kollur or Kundapura etc) to reach, climb and return. Good extension to Kollur trip. Beware of leeches. Read a more detailed post about Belkal Govinda Theertha falls to plan your trip.

2. Koosalli falls: 15 kms from Byndoor is the Koosalli falls, accessible with a 4 km easy to moderate trek. A detailed post on Koosalli falls trek here. Koosalli and Kudumari falls are visible from main road, so if you don't have the inclination to trek all the way you can view from a distance and proceed to your next destination.

3. Thombattu falls: A small waterfall. Not worth going all the way but if you are in Haladi/Siddapura region you might deviate and spend some time here. Easy to access though a few kms of bad road driving is required. Metkalkatte Vinayaka temple is nearby and Maddinahole falls, which needs 7 kms trekking is also nearby

4. Durga Falls: Durga falls is just a river flowing over rocks. Because of wide area and small height of the rocks it feels like a waterfall. Worth a quick visit if you are visiting Karkala and have an hour to spare. Durga falls is 5 kms from Karkala, just by the roadside and easily accessible. Relatively safe for kids and elders as well.
5. Arbi Falls: A small waterfall in Manipal. Vehicle road available till a temple near the falls and a small hike uphill. Not a great experience but popular because it is close to city and easy to access. If in Manipal and have an hour to spare plan a visit.
arbi falls manipal

6. Haklamane falls: Small falls some 2-3 kms from main road. Can be reached on car if you are confident and comfortable to handle a bit of bad roads. If not feeling confident or not willing to take risk or if your cab driver refuses to proceed, then you will have to trek. Had great gust of muddy water gushing all over when we visited in September and a much smoother, clean and miniature version in October. Detailed post and video on Haklamane falls here.

Waterfalls of Udupi district I am yet to visit

1. Kudlu Theertha: I made two attempts to visit this falls- Once in 2020 and again in October 2020: On both visits the waterfalls was closed to public. Display at the main road alerts you to this so that you can save yourself 12-15kms of bad road drive. Someone said it was open during Jan 2021. Not sure when it will open again. Not sure why this falls is closed while all other falls are open. Belkal theertha, Koosalli and various other falls in the district are accessible to public. If I happen to travel between Agumbe and Hebri and if I see that falls is open I will try to visit and check.
2. Jomlu Theertha:  Was closed when I tried to visit in 2020. Haven't visited in 2021. Will try again when possible.

3. Maddina Hole: Lesser known falls near Tombattu. Need to plan this well as very long trek is involved. Even directions are not very clear.

4. Kudumari falls: Could see from a distance but couldn't go closer. Need to plan.
5. Arasinagundi falls: Close to Kollur town but need lots of trekking and may be a local guide to ensure we don't get lost. Leeches are a big problem during monsoon.

6. Gulnadi falls: Was closer to Haklamane but approach path was not clear. Need to explore

7.Parappadi falls near Nitte, Karkala: Yet to visit

You should plan your visit to Udupi waterfalls keeping in mind the season..







Maximum water

Lots of leeches

Slippery road

Slippery rocks

Restricted access

Live rainfalls complicating access

Post monsoon

/Pre winter


Easier access

Fair amount of water

Less risk of leeches

Little less water

Max Crowd

Unpredictable rains

Winter/Pre Summer


Not the best time but better now than summer

Pleasant weather, easier to trek

No live rains

Minimum water



No leeches

No water either

Hot weather, hard to trek





Let me know if you have any questions on waterfalls in Udupi district, or if I have missed any falls. Will keep updating this post as and when I visit more waterfalls or get updates.

Map reference for your usage [link]


Waterfalls in Adjacent districts:
  • Shivamogga district has popular Jog Falls, Onake Abbi, Achchakanne and other falls. 
  • Chikmagalur has Sirimane falls, Manikyadhara, Hebbe, Jhari and more falls. 
  • North Canara has Apsarakonda, Unchalli, Vibhoothi, Magod, Sathodi and much more
  • Dakshina Kannada also has a few waterfalls.


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