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Mystic Didupe (Kadamagundi) falls between Charmadi & Belthangady

I was unaware of Didupe falls till this year. Didupe is a lesser known waterfall in western ghats located off Charmadi ghat between Belthangady and Sakaleshpura.

Decided to plan one last trip and explore Dipupe falls. As per google map it was about 150 kms from my home so a day trip looked viable. Identified a few more places around and a plan was put in place.
Took inputs from few friends staying in Belthangady. Information I got was that Didupe falls is accessible with few kms of trek and it is possible to reach using normal vehicles. Jeep rides are also available for rental.
Starting from home early, picking up few friends in Mangalore, I reached Belthangady by 7 AM and stopped for breakfast. After food at Durga grand, drove to Didupe falls following the map. Didupe falls is about 30 kms from Belthangady town and took another hour to reach.

The waterfalls is officially known as Kadamagundi falls. But because Didupe is the nearest town it is more popular as Didupe falls.

Had to trek for about 2-3 kms after parking the car. A display said 1.5 kms but I think it was bit more. Trek was easy. A few display boards guided us and we followed existing trail. Had to cross a few streams. Few more streams had died out. I think there is a trail that goes to top of the hill, but we went towards the water. Water level was good even though our visit was in December second half.

As we had reached early there was no crowd. We had all the falls to ourselves. Spent good time and returned on the same trail.

Road conditions to reach Didupe waterfalls: 
Excellent except last few kms. A well paved concrete road is being constructed, hence road condition is excellent. However last 2-3 kms construction is still pending/going on. Normal cars can go with some struggle. Hopefully by 2022 road construction will be complete and visit will be easier next season.

Amount of trekking needed to reach Didupe (Kadamagundi falls)
About 2 kms of walk required even if you hire a jeep or drive as far as roads can permit. Trek involves crossing streams and climbing the hill till you reach the falls. Easy trek- nothing complex. Anyone with normal fitness can cover in 30-40 mins. Not sure how it works in peak monsoon when streams are overflowing.
Entry fees to visit Didupe falls
A display was asking for massive 200 INR per person to visit Didupe falls. No separate charge for camera called out. 200 INR is twice what Govt charges for Belkal theertha or Kudlu falls (which itself is high at 100 INR). I think there is no regulations for this and local administration/officials decide a price as per their liking.
Timings: There is no designated timing to visit Didupe falls. Visit after day break and return before sunset.

Public transportation to reach Didupe falls:
Buses are available till Didupe town. However from here to waterfalls will probably about 5-6 kms. You can try for local auto or trek.

Leech problem: None in December, likely if you visit September-November time

Facilities available: None. You are on your own. There was a makeshift shop which probably sold snacks and stuff, was closed during our visit. Nearest shops are in Didupe town 5 kms away. Belthangadi and Ujire are nearest big towns with hotels & more facilities. Couple of farm stays are available as per google maps closer to Didupe. You can explore them if you are planning to stay.

Season to visit Didupe (Kadamagundi falls): 
My guess is October-November is best time to see the Didupe falls in all its glory. But you will have more powerful streams to cross and leech problem is also very likely. December/January is more convenient in terms of trekking, leeches etc but water level will be little less.
Amount of trekking involved:

Video snippet coming soon. I will probably plan another visit in 2022 October/November time to get fresh perspective of Didupe falls. If you have 3-4 hours to spare while traveling between Charmadi and Belthangadi you can plan a diversion to visit Didupe falls.

Didupe revisit

We revisited again on Jan 26th, 2022. This time water level was little less but still great. We also learnt there is another longer drive path which goes much closer to the waterfall.

Places nearby: Jamalabad fort * Ermayi falls * Charmadi Ghat * Karinjeshwara temple * Bandaje falls trek *

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  1. Beautifully narrated, feeling like I've had a short trip. Looking forward to video snippet. Keep it flowing..


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