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Batapady beach & Mangrove forest boat ride near Mangaluru

Did you know you can do a boatride under mangrove trees just outside Mangaluru town?

We experienced the same in Batapady beach recently and here are all the details.

Where is Batapady? How to reach?

Batapady is in Karnataka-Kerala border and about 22 kms south of Mangaluru town. As I was scouting for places to visit I saw that there is a delta here- river merging into sea and I knew such spots will be scenic and worth visiting. Thus I decided to visit and explore.

Following google maps I reached Batapady beach. Last 200-300 meters were tricky- the road had been washed away. Thus parked the car and walked rest of the distance. 

As we were checking the beach, a local approached us and asked if we would like to take a boat ride. I wasn't much keen as it was 3 in the afternoon and I didn't see a point riding in river/ocean. But the boatman was adamant and offered to show us the boat and then we can decide. Checking with other team members we decided to follow him. On the way to boat he spoke to someone on phone, met two of his friends on the way- I was scared for a moment. What if they are fraudsters? What if they steal my car tyres or the car itself while we were away boating. With this risk in mind I proceeded half heartedly towards the boat.

It was a normal boat, pushed with a stick. Could seat 7-8 people. We were taken into mangrove forest and the experience reminded me what I had in Pichavaram. The ride lasted for about 15-20 minutes and we paid about INR 550. We had to be careful to avoid branches hitting us.

Govt information board about Batapady beach

Points to remember before planning mangrove forest boat ride at Batapady:

  • Call the person before planning a visit. If water level is too low boats can't operate. If he already has several bookings for the day you may have to wait.
  • No life jackets provided. Water is not deep but soil is not hard. I don't see a huge risk as you should be able to get up and walk to shore if you fall from the boat, but then yes, better be safe than sorry.
  • This mangrove boat ride is not a government controlled/official tourist action. You are doing it on your own along with local boatsmen. no tickets, no security, no service guarantee
  • Depending on your budget and time you can negotiate with boatman. They will reduce the ride time if you ask for lesser fee and they can take you deeper, ride longer if you are generous in paying what they are asking.

Batapady beach mangrove boat ride contact:

  • Name: Muktara
  • Contact: 9986238419
Disclaimer: Experience at your own risk and discretion. It is not a govt authorized boating and no life jackets are provided.

July 2022 Update: Main approach road to Batapady is taken away by sea during monsoon. Need to wait for repair. There could be alternate roads. Do check.

Nearby: Someshwara beach & temple * Bonda factory * Ullal Delta * Adyar wooden bridge

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