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Hanumangundi (Soothanabbi) falls, Kuduremukha

Hanumangundi (Soothanabbi) falls is one of the few places of interest kept open for tourists inside the Kuduremukha reserve  forest range. This post shares my first hand experience visiting the Hanumangundi falls and what to expect.

I had some work in Nitte and I was exploring anything that can be visited nearby. I spotted following potential attractions on google maps [Map link here] I was not sure which one of them were open and accessible, best option was to visit in person and find out.

First I went in search of Mala falls, which was outside the reserve forest range. I couldn't locate the falls but found the stream. It is another story and will explain in a separate blog post.

Next I returned to enter Kuduremukha reserve forest area. Here there is a forest department check post. Vehicles are allowed in during day time after capturing details and a pass will be issued. We are required to exit or return within stipulated time limit without stopping inside the reserve forest.

I asked the officer if I can visit Devaramane, Kadambi falls, Hanuman Gundi falls & Gangamoola. He said only Hanuman Gundi can be visited and rest are not open to public. That took off most of the places I had identified. Without much options left, decided to see this Hanumanagundi falls.

To visit Hanumanagundi falls, we are required to drive about 12 kms into Kuduremukha reserve forest, park at a designated spot, pay parking & entry fee and be taken to Hanumangundi falls in a vehicle organized by forest department. I wondered initially if this is because of some offroad track to the falls not accessible by normal vehicle. When a normal Mahindra micro van pulled up, I asked why we can't go there in our own vehicle. Answer was "There is limited parking at Hanumangundi falls- weekdays vehicles are allowed to drive till Hanumangundi and park, weekends rule is to park at SK border stop and take department vehicle to reach there.

I parked and waited for their department vehicle to arrive. Entry fee is 50 Rs for Indians, 30 Rs for car parking, 30 Rs transport cost = 110 per person.

Vehicle came, I was driven some 3 kms towards Kalasa and dropped at the entrance of Hanumangundi falls, which is also known as Soothanabbi falls.

To reach Hanumangundi/Soothanabbi falls, we need to trek down several steps. I didn't count but my wild guess is about 200-250 steps. Going down is easy, keep some energy for climbing back up.

I got down and was treated to this amazing falls. It was December first week and there were enough water. If I had visited in October water would have been 2x higher.

No access to enter the water or get close- just few from distance and return.

Return involves climbing all those steps- 200+ of them back up. With some rest I got back to entry point and was driven back to the parking lot.

Authorities can think of building a rope bridge across the valley so that visitors can see the falls from road level height, without having to trek down 200+ steps. But then Kuduremukha is a reserve forest, construction activities will be tricky.

Watch a short video here [watch on youtube]

Tips to visit Hanumanagundi  (Soothanabbi) falls

1. If possible visit during week day- you can drive yourself till the entry point, save time & money on govt organized vehicle. If you are proceeding towards Kalasa then it is more efficient this way.

2. No entry after 4 PM.

3.More  than 200  steps to climb down and back up. Ensure you're fit

4. Carry water. Waterfalls is only viewable, no way to touch the water or drink. A tap is available near entry point but if you need it in between while climbing up, carry your own.

Nearby: Kalasa * Horanadu * Mala falls * Elaneer falls near Kuduremukha


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