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Offbeat Elaneer waterfalls near Kuduremukha!

Recently while exploring places to visit near Kuduremukha, a spot named Elaneer waterfalls came to my attention. Eleneer means tender coconut. So I wondered why is this falls called Elaneer waterfalls.

Yesterday, on our way back we diverted to explore Elaneer waterfalls. This post shares you vital information related to this hidden waterfalls, so that you can plan exploring it next time you are in Kuduremukha area.

Pictures do not reveal much, but the water stream was very powerful and gave good massage to my back.

Why name Elaneer? Does it drop tender coconut water?

Unfortunately answer is NO. This waterfalls has nothing to do with tender coconut. Property owner told me that the name was originally kept as Ele neer (meaning young water or fresh water) because the spot where this falls exist is from where Netravati river originates. Over time Ele Neer became Elaneer (a more popular word which means tender coconut water).

Since Netravati river originates here, if you are drinking or touching the water here you're coming in contact with the first few drops of Netravati river...

Is Elaneer waterfalls easy to access? How to go there?

Be informed that Elaneer falls is inside a private property. You may just drive in but it is owner's discretion to let you in or not. They may charge an entry fee and also might monitor your activity. If you are planning to drink alcohol, throw around bottles etc then don't come here.

There is road access fairly close till Elaneer falls, but be advised the road is too steep and narrow and slippery. So unless you are a skilled driver or have 4x4 capabilities or lots of confidence to explore, last 3-4 kms either hire a local jeep (your home stay owner will arrange for you) or park in a safe place and trek a bit. We reached there in 4-5 bikes, one Venue and one duster. Didn't face any issue while going downhill to the falls. On the way back had to give space for a jeep coming from opposite direction- Venue managed but duster RXL had some challenges due to loose soil.

To reach Elaneer falls you've to turn right after Kuduremukha check post (while going from Udupi side, turn comes much before Kalasa). Location of Elaneer falls is fairly accurate on google maps. But last few kms can be tricky as exact falls is bit away from road and you have to figure out how to reach there. Take help from local.

How good is the Elaneer falls? Has water in summer?

We visited mid March and the falls had good amount of water. However during rainy season guests are taken to a different spot is what we were told. Definetly visiting elaneeru waterfalls was a blessing in disguise during the summer of March 2021. It does warrant another visit post monsoon season.

Your best option to experience Elaneeru falls is to stay in a homestay nearby. Homestay owner will coordinate your visit or might be able to arrange a vehicle if you are not confident driving there on your own.

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