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Saint Sevalal temple campus near Shivamogga

 I came to know about Saint Sevalal's campus near Shivamogga from a relative. As it was between the windmill viewpoint and Arasalu railway museum I decided to pay a visit.

Sevalal is a Maharastra born 18th century freedom fighter and social reformer. Full name Kranti Singh Veer Shiromani Sant Sevalal Maharaj. Somehow don't remember reading about him in history books. People who respect him are managing multiple temples in his name across India.

The temple + spiritual campus has been setup recently in the village of Suragondanakoppa, close to Nyamathi in Davanagere district. It is about 35 kms from Shivamogga city.

Reason to visit Sevalal temple in Suragondanakoppa:

  • Nice temples of multiple dieties
  • Well maintained campus
  • Events planned once a while
  • Opportunity to know more about Saint Sevalal
  • Worth a short visit when in the region
Entrance is grand, campus is artistically well designed, so very much photogenic. Paints are still good so you will get nice photos.

Mariamma temple is on the left and Saint Sevalal temple is on the right as you enter.
I saw statues of cows and other animals, but didn't see any real goshala. May be work in progress or they don't have any such plans.

Several paid services and rituals are available for the devotees. There was also a lake for which they had 20 Rs entry ticket. There was no one to give ticket and couldn't even see it from distance, so skipped it.

A large function hall has clourful, semi transparent roof. This grabs your attention as you enter.
Sitting areas are colorfully designed.
I saw a residential complex and a large function hall. But didn't go inside. Saint Sevalal temple campus is well equipped to conduct large events. I spent about an hour exploring the campus. If you are in Shivamogga/Davanagere area and have a few hours to spare, you might want to visit Saint Sevalal's temple in Suragondanakoppa.

Theertharameshwara temple (Honnali) is 20 kms away.


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