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JLR seethanadi nature camp near Hebri

Last week I made a short visit to JLR Seethanadi Nature camp. It is an accommodation option between Hebri and Agumbe, maintained by Jungle Lodges and Resorts. With Seeta river on one side and lush green forests around, the campus offers a nice retreat. I have been seeing the entrance of this facility every time I ride, drive or travel towards Agumbe but had never managed to visit.

Wooden cottage at JLR Seethanadi Nature camp

That changed last week, as I decided to take a detour and explore JLR Seetanadi nature camp campus. The campus is about a km away from mainroad, on a road paved with stone blocks which could be a bit tricky to drive if you are not a confident driver or have a low ground clearance vehicle. You have to balance well on two tracks, any overtaking or giving side is tricky as wheels may slip off the path. May be I am worried too much- I am sure various resort guests would have driven comfortably on these- just be cautious.

As we entered the campus, spoke to the staff. I wanted to know if walk-in customers get any discounted rates. I was told none. We have to book online or through any of the travel agents.

Pricing: JLR Seethanadi nature camp has tented cottages, wooden cottages and dormitories. Both have AC and NON AC options. Pricing is about INR 2000 per person per night for dorm and tented cottages while more expensive wooden cottages cost 2800 per person per night. Cost includes stay, food, 18% GST, forest entry fee, some activities like coracle ride, trekking etc. Single occupancy 30% extra! Some offers and discounts might apply for weekdays/off season, check on JLR website.

I was thinking rates are per room (for two people) but then realized it is per person. I didn't stay there, staff were kind to give me a walkthrough of the rooms. Beside these rooms, there is a kids play area, an open restaurant area and other standard facilities.

View of Seethanadi from JLR- had some water in March 2021
Trekking options at Seethanadi nature camp. Falls trails are best visited before January.
Being part of western ghats, the JLR Seethanadi campus is relatively cool being in a forest area. However, compared to Agumbe or Sakrebailu which are on an elevation, this one is less cooler. Because Hebri is bit too far for Bengaluru crowd and there are not much activities (no wildlife safari), JLR Seethanadi campus is bit affordable (relatively). So might be a good choice for a relaxed stay with family.

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