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Agumbe: 19+ Attractions and things to do..

Agumbe is known as Karnataka's Chirapunji, as it receives highest rainfall in the state.

Agumbe is often seen as a stopover destination while traveling between Shivamogga and Udupi but Agumbe and nearby areas offer several attractions worth visiting. If you can afford to spend more time, you can dedicate a day or two exclusively for Agumbe.

In this post I am explaining about various places of interest and attractions around Agumbe, Karnataka

1. Sunset Point: Most popular spot in Agumbe, best visited during evening time-enjoy great view of the land below and spectacular sunset views.

2. Malekadu Lake & Boating: About a km ahead of sunset viewpoint, at the checkpost, you can find a lake. This lake is called Malekadu (rainforest). Boating can be enjoyed here and a long walking trail runs around the periphery of the lake. Entry is ticketed and operates during day time only.

3. Second view point (now closed)

Slightly ahead of sunset viewpoint is another area where you can climb and enjoy another view. Most visitors miss this and drive further. Didn't find anything exceptional here but worth a try if you are interested. Photo below for reference. (December 2021 update: I saw the access to this place closed)

4. Kundadri Hills
Kundadri is a hillstop and jain pilgrimage center. Kundadri hill is about 16 kms from Agumbe town. Read more about Kundadri hills details here

5. Malgudi Days House

Popular serial Malgudi days was shot largely in and around Agumbe. The main house is in the town centre, you may make a visit with permission from owners. The old lady is no more unfortunately. More details on Agumbe Malgudi day house here

6. Seetha Nadi Nature camp
Jungle lodges maintains a nature camp at the foothill of Agumbe. Might be good idea to stay here and explore Agumbe during day time. More details about JLR Seethanadu nature camp here

7. Onake Abbi Falls
Closed during monsoon, opens from October, involves 3-4 kms trek & permission is needed from forest department to enter. Entry fee, mandatory guide fee (1000 Rs) etc will set you back by a few thousand rupees.  I am yet to visit

8. Jogi Gundi and Barkana Falls
Jogi Gundi is not too far- about 3-4 kms and short trek, but this fall goes dry by November end. Not really worth visiting. Barkana is more popular but needs more trekking. 100 Rs entry fee applicable. More details here

9. Agumbe rainforest tour: Darter Photography regularly organizes Agumbe rainforest photography tours- their nature and photography experts organize camps and guided tours in Agumbe during which you may spot snakes, frogs and a range of fauna and flora (2021 update: I am not seeing this tour on Darter website and tweet didn't get a reply- may be they have stopped.

10. Kuppalli: 45 kms from Agumbe is Kuppalli, birth place of popular Kannada Poet Kuvempu, whose birth place has been converted into a museum. Read more about Kavishaila here

11. Kudlu Theertha falls: 25 kms south of Agumbe towards Hebri, located 15 kms away from main road deep inside Someshwara wildlife sanctuary. often remains closed citing corona, monsoon, naxal problem etc etc. 100 Rs entry ticket, 300 rs for camera, 2 kms trekking, need to return before 4 PM

12. Green Point Agumbe: Just a bit of open grassland. Further access closed by forest department. Turn right after Krishna Grand to visit.

13. Agumbe Rain Forest Research center: Visit for knowledge enhancement- now closed

14. Sirimane waterfalls: 40 kms from Agumbe near Sringeri - detailed post available here

15. Sringeri: Popular pilgrimage center about 45 kms from Agumbe. 

16. Neer Dose at Someshwara: There are several restaurants in Someshwara (at the foot of Agumbe) serving delicious Neer Dose. Do try them.

17: Drive through the hairpin bends
The 14 hairpin bend hill road is an adventure in itself for the driving enthusiast.

18. Kalinga Center for Rainforest Ecology
Offers stay options & more- do check this detailed post.
19. Barkana falls from Barkana viewpoint
Proceed 2kms from Jogi Gundi falls, you may get a great view of Barkana falls and western ghats from a viewpoint.

Below is a map reference of places within 50 kms of Agumbe. While I have visited most of these places, looking to visit the waterfalls again this year post monsoon and once Corona comes under control. 

Stay at Agumbe: Agumbe town has multiple restaurants and few home stays and hotel rooms. More accommodation is available at Hebri or Theerthahalli towns. Kalinga shown above is a great option for nature lovers.

Travel: Shivamogga or Udupi are nearest railway stations. Public transport is available to Agumbe but own vehicle or taxi is recommended to explore nearby places at your convenience.

If you can extend further, there's Kavaledurga, Theerthahalli, Achakanya falls, Arasalu Railway Museum, Sakrebailu Elephant camp and much more.


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