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Veera Hanuman temple, Nagooru

Hanuman, also referred to as Anjaneya is a hindu God who went to Srilanka to mediate between Ravana and Lord Rama, built the bridge between Srilanka and India and flew Sanjeeva parvatha to save lives during the war.

There are much less temples dedicated to Hanuman though. In Chennai there is a popular temple in Nanganallur- Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple which has a super large size statue of Lord Hanuman.

A replica of the same or a similar temple is built in Nagur or Nagooru, a town on NH 66 between Kundapura and Baindooru,

The main temple has lots of exhibits of Hanuman and Ram. Take a closer look at the ceiling and outer walls of the temple.

There are several secondary temples in smaller structures around the main Veera Hanuman temple. I also found few friendly cats. Below temple of Rama and Lakshmana and Seetha with Anjaneya looks nice.

If you are passing through NH 66 between Kundapura and Baindoor, you might want to stop at this Veera Hanuman temple and take a look

Nagoor's Veera Hanuman temple also has a facebook page- you can check latest updates and contact them if you need anything.

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