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Yakshagana Puppetry at Uppinakudru Puppet Academy

Puppetry is a creative art. Puppetry is used for effective story telling using moving dolls aided with voiceovers. There are several individuals trying to promote puppetry in Karnataka but unfortunately this form of art doesn't get required attention from Govt or public.  

Near to our hometown, in a place called Uppinakudru (roughly 10 kms from Kundapura) is "Uppinakudru Puppet Academy". We made a casual visit recently and the people behind were kind enough to show us around.

What to expect at Uppinakudru Puppet Academy?

Uppinakudru puppet academy has a display area where lots of puppets, photographs related to puppet shows, old household artefacts are displayed. Visiting this area helps us understand the depth of the puppet art and what are the various possibilities. Some of the exhibits are movable to give changing outcomes.

Take a look at the photos below.

Chariot made from ice cream spoons

Amphitheatre: The academy has a stage and amphitheater suitable to conduct shows. On demand and subject to prior bookings, organizers can arrange for a puppet show, either at the academy or at your venue.

Yakshagana puppetry: Yakshagana is a unique art found in coastal Karnataka. Here Yakshagana is performed via puppets. They also seem to do Yoga puppetry. I am yet to see this performance but I am sure it will be a unique experience.

Visiting Uppinakudru Puppet Academy:
Location: Uppinakudru Puppet Academy is about 2-3 kms away from NH66. If arriving from Kundapura side you have to turn left at Talluru crossing. Drive couple of kms straight and then turn left. Follow map or ask locals.

Prior confirmation advised: There are no designated staff or watchman etc to show you around if you arrive without prior confirmation. Speak to Bhaskar Kogga Kamath on 9448437848 to ensure someone will be there to show around.

Back in 17th century, Krishna (Babu) Kamath is said to have laid foundation for this form of artwork and is referred to as "Moola Purusha"). Subsequently the art form has been carried forward and enhanced by his family. At present, Bhaskar Kogga Kamath, 6th generation member of Krishna Kamath family is incharge of the facility. He has given performance in about 20 countries around the world promoting this art. This wikipedia page has some more details

Infosys Foundation has provided financial support for the academy. Several kind hearted businessmen and individuals have donated for maintenance and growth of Uppinakudru Puppet Academy.
http://www.yakshaganapuppets.org/ is their website

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