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Gudavi Bird Sanctuary- Season & visitor info

Gudavi is a bird sanctuary in Shivamogga district in Karnataka. It is not as popular as Ranganathittu because of its location, about 350 kms from Bengaluru. Another reason is the season.

I had Gudavi on my radar but couldn't plan an exclusive trip yet. Recently when in Shivamogga I went out exploring lesser known places and did stopby at Gudavi to find out what is there.

I neared Gudavi bird sanctuary entrance and spoke to the guard there:

Season to visit Gudavi: Birds can be seen only between June/July till September/October. Rest of the season do not expect any birds. June to October will be peak rainy season, so be prepared to protect your DSLR if you are aiming to shoot.

What kind of birds to expect at Gudavi: Gudavi claims to have 200+ species of birds spread across about 50 different bird families. Exact spotting will depend on your luck. Bird count has been dropping drastically over the years. Expect to see cormorants, herons, fowls, Ibis, cranes, darter, Indian Shag and more. If I manage to visit again in 2021 I will share some pics.

Pricing to enter Gudavi Bird Sanctuary: There is an entry fee of 50 Rs per person.

Inside: There is a 1.5 kms walking trail. Visitors can walk around. No organized safaris or guided tours available at Gudavi

Timing of Gudavi Bird Sanctuary: Bird Sanctuary is open from 10 AM till 5 PM. Of course birds don't follow these timings- if you arrive a bit early explore areas outside the bird sanctuary campus- you may see some birds.

Stay near Gudavi: No stay options in Gudavi. It doesn't get enough tourists I think-else Jungle Lodges would have opened one "Gudavi nature camp" nearby. You have to stay at Banavasi, Sirsi or Chandragutti towns. Alternatively you can stay in Shivamogga or Sagara or Jog falls area, visiting Gudavi as a part of your day trip/outing plan.

How to reach Gudavi: Talaguppa seems to be nearest railway station (45 kms from Gudavi). You can take taxi from Sagara (42 kms), Sidhapura, Banavasi (16 kms) or Chandragutti towns or drive down. Didn't see any public transport to reach Gudavi. 

Other things to keep in mind: Be mindful of the road. Google maps suggested a shorter route to Chandragutti via bushes- this was a mud road with thorns on the side. Managed to negotiate but could have taken longer main road if I knew in advance.

Places of interest nearby: Banavasi * Chandragutti * Sirsi * Unchalli Falls * Jog falls * Kokkare Belluru * * Shivamogga District travel guide & FAQs * 


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