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Uduthadi AKka Mahadevi temple & park

Udugani (also referred to as Udutadi) is birth place of 12th century Kannada female poet, Akka Mahadevi.

Akka Mahadevi had written lots of vachanas or phrases of social messaging.  Recently I happened to pass through Udugani near Shivamogga and diverted to visit Akka Mahadevi temple and park.

Temple was not open but the park was. It had a tall bronze statue of akka mahadevi and her various quotes carved out. 

Some mega canal work seem to be going on near Akka Mahadevi's birth place.

Temple is just half a km away from main road. Turn where you see this sign.
Nearby: Balligavi * Windmill viewpoint * Saint Sevalal temple

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