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When places come alive-must read travel stories by Ami Bhat

It is a good thing for travel bloggers to publish a book. Blogs accumulate 1000s of posts over years and may get too overloaded for new visitors to read all of them and understand. A well curated book with hand picked topics, professionally edited and reviewed helps serious readers get the summary in one place, without having to scramble around for right content.

Travel Blogger Ami Bhat has recently launched her first book. Published by Notion Press, this 172 page book narrates stories of various destinations in India and abroad, fueled by her travel experience to these places and subsequent research, stories give us insights often missed by regular tourists.

First chapter was about Kuldhara village, where entire village decided to vacate the village overnight instead of sacrificing honor of a young girl. We had visited the ruins of Kuldhara during our visit to Suryagarh, Jaisalmer and the troubles villagers had to face were daunting.

Similarly there are stories about Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan and more. You might have visited these places but if you had not paid attention to the history and stories not very obvious at the first look, then Ami's book is a must read. It brings out lesser known information to limelight and makes you respect a destination for what it was, than what it is now as a tourist spot.

Good things about "When Places Come Alive" by Ami Bhat
  • Details stories regular tourists often miss or don't pay attention to
  • Barcode scanner to read specific blog posts for further reading
  • Good coverage of various interesting destinations in India and abroad.
Ami has been kind enough to give credit to all the people who assisted her with the book or inspired her. Yours truly being one of them.
Book is a mix of many Indian and few international destinations (Bhutan, Indonesia, Australia etc)- may be International destinations could have been fit into a separate book. But anyway that is just my opinion and it is author's discretion.

Please be advised that "When Places come alive" is NOT a travel guide. It won't tell you how to book cheapest flights, hotels or plan your itinerary. For that you may as well buy a copy of my book, "world travel in low budget". Ami's book tells you stories with characters, knowledge of which will help you visualize, understand and appreciate a destination much better.

More details about the book in Author's own words in her own blog is here

Amazon link to buy "When Places come Alive" is here

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  1. Mind-boggling stories from different places that really makes you think. Each tale has been hand-picked from different slots in history, linked to places not all of us might have the luxury of visiting. Ami lets you visualise the people and their lore through her travel experiences.
    We wish this budding travel blogger the very best. Cant wait for the next book !!


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