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Nyamathi windmill viewpoint near Shivamogga!

I had visited windmill viewpoint with my uncle in this wagonR several years back. That was in 2013, along with a visit to Threetharameshwara temple in Honnali

Update: Visited again in May 2022. Watch a short video of the windmills shot from drone.

Recently I decided to visit the spot again. This time it was an early morning visit, so visibility was poor. Started from Shivamogga at 5 AM, rested for a while on the way and reached viewpoint as daylight came in. 

The road to windmill viewpoint is not paved. Lots of loose rocks and slippery surfaces and a few large size humps- Venue handled it fine, low ground clearance vehicle might scrap underbody. The road is not made for tourist vehicles. It is made for maintenance team's jeep to visit windmill spots.

We spent an hour in the area, as day light came in more windmills became visible. But for full view better to visit in afternoon. We didn't have all day to wait so left after sometime. Only one of the 4-5 windmills we saw was rotating.

The Nyamati windmill viewpoint is about 70 kms from Shivamogga city. Do visit when possible.

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