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Best Workation option in Sakleshpura- Machaan Plantation Resort

I spent a day at Machaan Plantation Resort in Sakaleshpura. My original plan was to return to Udupi Monday early morning and go to work, because internet as such is not fully reliable in Sakaleshpura, despite resorts having WiFi, Jio dongle working decently, their ability to support heavy duty video calls was a bit weak. At this junction I was briefed about Machaan resort. They had setup an airtel mini tower inside the resort for dedicated leased line, had good WiFi and thus I could undertake office work morning to evening without any interruption and spend a few hours exploring the resort.

I left from Mookanana resort at 5.45 AM, drove about 60 kms towards Machaan Resort and checked in at about 8.30 AM. Ghat roads at night are tricky so lots of caution was needed. Last 12 kms were easy, as Machaan resort had put up displays at key junctions guiding visitors which direction to turn.

What is Machaan? The word Machaan refers to the watchtowers or waiting spots where kings used to wait with their guns for hunting. As the king waits at a safe and secure spot ready to shoot, his subordinates would be tasked with spotting the wild animal and making it move closer to the machaan, so that the king can shoot it and take full credit as a brave hunter.

As I entered Machaan's main entrance I saw some rooms which I later learnt staff quarters. Reception and guest rooms are at an elevation. I drove up, parked my car and waited at reception. Here I was given room key and was guided to the room. After a few hundred meters of walk through the plush landscaping and mountain view, I arrived at my room. I freshed up, took a quick walk of the resort and got to work.

Let me tell you a bit about Machaan Plantation Resort, Sakaleshpura

Machaan Resort has 16 rooms, all double occupancy rooms meant for families. Rooms are all of same category come with two beds, a sitting area, a writing table, heritage style rooms, high quality AO Smith geyser and other standard facilities.

Take a look at the photos below

View of my room- beds are given a royal feel.

Each building block as 4 rooms, there are four such blocks in Machaan Plantation Resort campus.

This was the view from my room 

Sofa doubles up as extra bed


Red bricks and Mangalore tiles 

The restaurant:

Machaan Plantation Resort has a nice two story restaurant at the heart of the campus. Restaurant is tastefully design with vintage theme. Also has several information display that are useful to visitors. Nice coffee books are also available for reading.

The pool: Night and day view. There is a bar counter next to the pool.

The coffee experience centre: This one is work in progress and will be ready soon. The coffee experience centre will allow visitors to understand different types of coffee, the history of coffee, the process involved  and of course, get a taste of various coffee types.

Wedding/Outdoor event venue: Machaan has a nice open air space with view of the hills in the background, accentuated by a flowing waterbody and garden landscaping.

Machaan resort is not loaded with activities- like kids play area, adventure sports etc. They want you to relax and experience the location, explore the region. Machaan focuses a lot on family visitors and has several plans to make the experience great for family members.

Eco friendly measures at Machaan Plantation Resort:

Machaan Plantation Resort owner Ganesh sir told me they are focusing on being as much eco friendly as possible. They try to prevent getting plastic in and they ensure no plastic waste goes out. Machaan Resort has following eco-friendly measures

- No plastic water bottles in rooms. Guests are provided RO treated water in glass bottles which are reusable

- A compost is being planned to treat kitchen waste

- While they would have loved to use solar heaters but Sakaleshpura gets near zero sunshine during 4 months of monsoon every year, hence dependency on electricity is unavoidable.

Strong and reliable internet connectivity: 

Machaan Plantation resort has following things to aid your work from anywhere requirements

  • Dedicated Airtel leased line
  • Multiple WiFi points
  • Decent Airtel mobile signal
  • An open, shaded sitting area suitable for working
  • Decent Jio dongle connectivity
Do try hanbal chikkie when in the region.

Thus Machaan Plantation Resort in Sakaleshpura is perfect for working professionals who need a highly reliable internet connectivity for their office works while their family enjoys relaxed holiday in a luxury resort.

Machaan Resort has a large pool, well maintained garden, coffee plantations nearby. Feeding fishes in the pond is also an activity guests can undertake. Couple of hill tops/trekking destinations are within 10-12 kms from Machaan resort. A coffee experience center is being planned and will be ready soon. There is an open space and a pond just adjacent to the resort.

Machaan Plantation resort in Sakaleshpura opened up on May 2020 but due to lockdown has been maintaining low profile. Machaan also have a resort in Nagarahole focused on wildlife and birding. Do visit their official site for details

Where is Machaan Plantation Resort in Sakaleshpura?
Machaan is about 28 kms from Sakaleshpura bus stand. Map link here.

Nearby: Manjarabad Fort * (more details coming soon)

Other resorts in Sakaleshpura: Eka Resort * Mookanana Resort

Also watch: A lovely baby cow near Machaan resort that was friendly and came following me after I spent some time with it

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