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Patla betta viewpoint in Sakaleshpura

Patla Betta is a nice viewpoint in Sakaleshpura.  Patla betta hill will be on your left while you are going towards Bisile Ghat viewpoint from Sakaleshpura.

Patla betta is a hilltop ideal for trekking. We visited in March so nature was on a bit drier side. Post monsoon the surrounding will be lot greener and might also have some leech scare.
Patla Betta hilltop is couple of kms from the main road. If you have the time and energy you can park your car at the base of the hill and walk up a few kms. The roads are steep and demanding, so might be difficult for regular car. We saw a Santro reaching the top, so if you are confident, feel free to drive up. Alternatively you can hire a local 4x4 bolero pickup jeep to be driven till top of the hill.

In fact vehicles are only allowed to a certain point. Forest department has dug deep trenches to prevent jeeps from going all the way till the top. So for the last 1km or so you will still have to hike even if you hire a jeep. 

Once on top you can see Sakaleshpura's rich range of hills in all directions. Barring couple of homestays, you can't see much homes or buildings- it is largely forest and hills. 

Someone has setup these vertical pillars in couple of hilltops in Sakaleshpura and made them holy! 

A few broken beer bottle sets wrong example to visiting tourists. Locals are seeking government help to deploy some guards and monitor the place. Govt will probably start charging parking fee and entry fee to recover the cost once they do it.

Facilities: There are no facilities on the top of Petla Betta. Carry water and anything else you may need. Jacket might be needed in rainy season and winter, a cap might help in summer afternoons. At the base there are a few petty shops selling chips and snacks. No restrooms yet anywhere nearby.

Time required: Approx 1 hour+ total, depending on how much time you take to climb and how much time you wish to spend on top of Petla betta (10 mins in jeep ride one way, 10-15 mins to climb up, 30 mins on top,10 mins to walk down and 10 more ride to base). Jeep rental won't be waiting at the base. You need to check with your resort or homestay owner- they will arrange pickup from homestay.

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