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Review: Eka Resort, Sakaleshpura

During a recent weekend trip, we visited Eka Resort in Sakaleshpura twice. We had dinner there on two evenings and we also got a walkthrough of various room types they had. We were given customary welcome involving garland and welcome juice. This post shares details of my findings, so that you can evaluate staying at Eka resort for your next trip to Sakaleshpura.

Eka resort can be your preferred choice for stay because of wide range of options (w.r.t room type & budget), easy accessibility, good food and nice service.

Let us first get a snapshot of various room types. Eka Resort has about 16 rooms of different categories having ability to accommodate up to 60 people at a time. Room types at Eka Resort, Sakaleshpura

1. Deluxe AC pool facing interconnected rooms:

For a large family, this is the recommended room category. Two separate rooms are interconnected hence two groups can use it independently and can enter each other room on need basis without having to go through main door.

2. Deluxe AC Pool facing Rooms

Rooms are similar to earlier category, but no interconnect to other rooms. Rooms have all standard facilities. Bathrooms get a glass tile so natural light comes in during day time.

Deluxe rooms cost about 8000 INR + 18% tax per room per day (2 people) for a plan that includes food. Without food it will be a bit cheaper.

3. Deluxe Rooms- non pool view

Similar to pool view rooms, just that you will have a garden view. Some rooms had really spacious bathroom. This category of room will be about 1000 Rs cheaper. If view from room is not your priority then book this and save a grand per day.

4. Tented cottages (Luxury Gazebo tents) at Eka Resort: 

Tented cottages can take up to 6 people, have inbuilt bathroom. Tented cottages have a sit out area as well and are cheaper than standard rooms. Tented cottages cost 8000 for 4 people without food, 12000 for four people with food, 2500 per person for extra beds, 18% GST extra (Rates are indicative, may vary by season, weekday/weekend, with meals/without meals and other offers. Check with your travel agent, they might be able to give you better deal than what you can find on online portals.

5. Dormitory options at Eka Resort:

Dormitory can accommodate about 12 people. It is the cheapest category of room, costs about 2500 per person per day (all meals included), but dormitory doesn't have AC. Ideal for students, large groups and those on budget.

Other facilities: Spa

Eka resort has an operational spa providing ayurvedic massages and treatments.


Eka resort has a restaurant where regular guests can have their meals at pre-defined timings. They also have a large party area by the pool where food and drinks are served customized for the event (what time, what kind of food etc). Eka resort puts lots of focus on giving their guests experience of local food. When you are staying in resorts of Sakaleshpura better to opt for all meals package, as finding an alternate restaurant means traveling 10-20 kms.

Reasons to chose Eka Resort: (Pros)

  • Next to main road, easy access
  • Natural lighting in bathroom feels nice
  • Coconut trees with almost accessible tender coconuts
  • Great food
  • Different category of rooms in different budget ranges, something for everyone
  • Nice pool

Possible improvements at EKA Resort

  • Parking space feels bit tight compared to number of rooms. I left my Venue in the campus overnight. About 15-20 cars can be accommodated inside the compound- which feels ok given the room count of 16. I am  sure management has some plans for additional parking nearby.
  • Campfire, poolside events, mega parties etc are organized but no specific activities (like kids play area, adventure etc) inside the resort- possible in other places in Sakaleshpura
You may visit Eka Resort's official website for all the details. 

Other Options: Mookanana resort (about 15 kms away) * Machaan Resort * or Homestays.

Nearby places:  Bisile Ghat viewpoint * Patla Betta * Hosahalli Gudda * Kaginahare viewpoint * Tippu Viewpoint

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