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What is complete and balanced nutrition for adults?

Nutrition is often an ignored topic, or one that is taken for granted. We plan our food habits based on our taste preferences and tradition. Supplementing our food with the right nutrients is often ignored till someone in the family falls ill and the doctors recommend a change in food habits. But a wise family knows it better- a balanced nutritional diet is needed for both adults and kids.

. A complete and balanced nutrition for adults in India should cover all vital vitamins, minerals, fluids and protein. However, for a normal man or woman, knowing which food product includes what nutrient and in what quantity is an almost impossible task as the calculation is neither straight forward, nor achievable all the time – and thus arises the need for a trusted nutritional supplement! Nutritional supplements are a more practical and effective way to ensure all adults in the family get required nutrients on a regular basis. 

I have known a few friends who regularly consume nutrition supplements and vouch for it. Watch this video to understand why.

If there is a curated product like Ensure that provides 32+ vital nutrients such as vitamins, high proteins, calcium, and also boosts immunity trusted by millions, why not give it a try? 

Prevention is better than cure and we all know the benefits of a sound body and healthy lifestyle. Most of us spend lots of hours working on a computer and utilize our free time watching videos or playing games on our mobile phones. Near zero physical activity, exercise and our appetite for mouthwatering food often makes us careless about the nutrient coverage provided by the food we eat. All drawbacks of these unhealthy lifestyle practices slowly start showing as ageing signs on the face and body as we reach the age of 35-40 - much earlier than our parents or grandparents who used to maintain a healthier body even at 50-60 years.

Why not shift to a healthier lifestyle and consume Ensure that can also assist with increase muscle strength, build stronger bones and support in better digestion? When both strength and immunity comes in one package, why say no?

India is slowly recovering from the peak of the crisis but we are still not far from danger. It is always better to be on the safer side than being sorry later. What do you think? How do you ensure you have the #StrengthToLiveNonStop?


  1. Nutrition is adults is often not given prominence. Ensure is a wonderful supplement that gives us the required nutrition while boosting out immunity too. I trust it too.

  2. I agree that Prevention is better than cure and we should be conscious about the health rented choices we make. Though I have an active lifestyle and eat nutritious & balanced diet, I felt a need of extra nutrition after I turned 40. Ensure certainly was useful.

  3. Nutrition is crucial for immunity and strength as we age

  4. I use to be so ill informed about nutritional supplements, till my Doctor prescribed and started me on Ensure.

  5. Prevention is better than cure. As the doc working in these covid ICUs over the last year, trust me on that part.

    I actually do take ensure myself

  6. Priority is a balanced diet but to fill the gap in nutrition left unknowingly supplement like ensure has now become a essential part of our daily intake .


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