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Anjanapura Dam and Park

 Anjanapura has a small dam and a part worth a short visit when in the area. When I visited March 3rd week water level was low, so we could walk into the waterbody. Post monsoon this area will have a different look.

The part unfortunately opens only at 10.30 AM- a bit too late in the day in my opinion.

Park has many artefacts depicting freedom fighters being hanged, cultural activities being undertaken and so on. Otherwise standard park with garden, sitting area and kids play area.

Tank bund: Was wide enough for car to be driven through, but I backed out after driving a few hundred meters as I felt it is risky if soil is loose and vehicle loses balance. Didn't want to fall into water with the car. Width was very narrow at the other end.

On the other side of the dam- locals were seen washing cloths

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